Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, Monday.

Well, it’s back to the usual routine, up at 04:30am, Coffee, Donna gets ready for work, then she heads for the truck company at 05:30am, San heads downstairs to his office and fires up the computer. While on the subject of computers the new to us laptop has been loaded with just the programs from our desktop as we will need to put a blog out while on the road, and also download pictures from the camera, I managed to find out why my Outlook wouldn’t send e-mail, but would receive it, Evidently when it automatically configured the wireless and the mail program it put the wrong pop info in . When I got home from my last trip I took it down to the office and compared the account settings in Outlook to one another and bingo the one in the laptop was different, After making the correction it sends and receives just fine.

Sam's Office

             This is the command post for Sam & Donna’s Blog

As you can see my office space is the male bastion of the household decorated in a railroad theme. One wall in the family room has the cop wall which contains awards that gathered after 30 years of crime fighting,

The Cop Wall

                                          The Cop Wall

OH well Donna does have a sewing room.

Hey, here’s Rigg’s and he wants to tell you about his weekend.

“Now Mom you know a dog can have a runny nose too!....no, I don’t have a runny nose but you know it

never hurts to be prepared !   anyway how do you know I was the one that took that whole box of Kleenex

And as far as that package of Adams you call peeps....

they looked just like bunnies and I am a hunting breed, so eating bunnies is a natural instinct in me....I didn’t take anything else, yeah I know, I'm not suppose

to take anything off the table, but technically it was in a basket that was on the table.

I am VERY sorry about hurting you this weekend, I didn’t mean to wrap the chain around your legs and have you fall

on the concrete, it was a new maneuver I was trying when chasing a ball.

I will try to be better tomorrow. Honest Mom, Honest I will.”

Yesterday was so gorgeous, Sam got out there and drained the RV antifreeze and flushed all the water lines and then filled the tank with fresh water, I thought my water pump had gone out, since after the tank was full  couldn’t get it to pump anything to the faucets.I hitched up the hose to the city water and it ran fine. So I disconnected the hose and then when I tried the pump it ran fine and pumped water.Don’t know why unless there’s a check valve that was stuck. Now maybe today I will pull the two batteries and check them and see if they are okay, I have a feeling they are a couple years old so I hope they will be okay, I kept them on a charger all winter.

That’s it for now,nothing planned for today just an off day before my trip on Thursday. Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna


  1. I liked the "command post" - reminded me a bit of my office at home. Especially all the wires!

  2. Oh that Riggs! Peeps??? We love em too, how can he resist?

    Glad you got the water pump going. Sometimes they get an *air bubble* in them after dewinterizing and just need some water to *prime* them again.

    Karen and Steve