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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday thoughts

Got in at 00:30am got up and got Adam off to school, then had to go to the hearing place to have my hearings aids looked at, been having trouble with the left one, found out it was only putting out 25% and the best it could be adjusted up to was 50%,huh, since they were six years old and had been repaired a couple times, I guess I’m hard on them, The audiologist said, Sam its time to think about a new set, the ones you have were state of the art open ear canal jobs when you got them but they are sort of like computers and the new open ear stuff is head and shoulders over that technology, so I tried a new set and yes They were a lot better, and yes I could hear better than with the old ones, and YES she would knock $600 off the asking price, so what could I say. I just sort of wonder what kind of a markup is on this kind of stuff if at the stroke of a pen $600 is deducted, it had to go somewhere. Anyway That was the big news for today. Looks like a lot of macaroni and cheese suppers for awhile, ever notice how you can never get ahead, I was just saying to Donna how those couple of extra long trips really helped out and bingo it’s gone. Well it’s up at 02:00am to be at the terminal for 03:30am. Then I'm off to St Louis, to pick up at the MO. School for the Blind, and then we will be off to Janesville Wisconsin. Looks like a 350 mile trip and we will be there until Sunday and come back on Sunday. I’ll put a blog out from up there maybe tomorrow night or Sat morning. Depends on how late I get to the motel. Be safe out there and if you see a Huskey Trailways Bus going north on I-55 tomorrow it might be me. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

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  1. I hear that! We have that same problem...just when you get a little money put aside for a rainy day....it pours, pours right outta that savings account and into someone's pocket! LOL!