Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday notes

Well today is my last day in Zanesville OH. I got up early and checked out the blogs, Then I decided to take a ride and look for a coffee shop.What did I find, you guys from the great white north won’t believe this , yes, a Tim Horton's in downtown Zanesville. Since I had never been to one, They don’t have any in the Midwest, South, Southwest or Western states, this was a first, I made a tire smoking turn into the lot and went in and relaxed,I also ordered my first cup of Tim’s finest. with two plain donuts.  While I was there I bought a small bag of fine grind to take home to Donna so she can have her first taste of Tim Horton's coffee.
Tim Hortons04-11-10a
                                          a good breakfast
For all of my Canadian friends like Rick & Paulette that are still south of their home borders and without a Timmy fix, I took two pictures so you won’t get homesick.
Tim Hortons04-11-10d
Tim Hortons04-11-10b
After the breakfast, and I must say the coffee was really good, I could develop a taste for it if we had them, I will certainly look out for them in our travels.
Today I will relax and get well rested as the busses are due in around 11:30PM EDT so it will be a long overnight drive back to Missouri. I  don’t mind the late night driving, very little traffic, just a few trucks, and if it’s dry you can make the speed limit and not worry about any rush hour traffic in the Columbus, Indianapolis, and St Louis Metro area.
I had a reader comment wishing me a safe return home with all these kids, that is one of the hardest aspects of the job is knowing that everyone of those kids has two worried parents and all the brothers, sisters and grandparents, anxious for their safe return. I always pray that nothing beyond my control will ever happen when I am entrusted with these young peoples safety.
Until tomorrow, Be safe, Sam & Donna


  1. I honestly have never had a Tim Hortons coffee... guess I will have to try one sometime. I do like grinding my own beans as I use them, do they sell the beans or just the pre-ground stuff?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

  2. Now you've gone and done it, Sam! I haven't had a Tim Horton's donut in over 4 months and I'm long overdue! That picture of Tim's made me a bit homesick alright.

  3. nothing like a timmy's after being in the usa for a long period of time!!..a little taste of home

  4. Just to let you know, there are Tim Horton's all over Ohio now!