Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Notes,

Before I do anything else I want to welcome two more new follower's, Ron Stacey, & Froggi. I hope you enjoy our blog, even while I am temporarily in Scranton PA taking care of my sister, instead of home in Dardenne Prairie MO. drooling over the thought of getting out full time in our 5th wheel. I couldn’t find if you have your own blogs so if you do let us know. So we can take a look, Let us know what you think about our adventures.
Up at 05:30AM, had my coffee, then got a pleasant surprise, Rigg’s had sent me an e-mail, I’ll share it with you.
Hi, Dad it’s me Riggins.  Haven’t seen you for awhile so I thought I’d catch you up ….I’ve been a real good boy.
Now the remote wasn’t  really my fault.  Samantha’s son Chris was watching TV and paying absolutely no attention to me.
So I had to get his attention and show how fast I am.  So as he pointed it at the TV I ran like the wind and snatched it
Right out of this hands….Ha Ha. The look on his face was so funny, he didn’t know what happened.  Then instead of just giving me a treat to get it back he started yelling at me and chasing me all around.  Well sorry to say the remote got a little damaged, but just a little, tape will keep the batteries in and I don’t think a couple of those parts were really necessary. But I had to hold on to it didn’t I? After  all I was being chased and yelled at.
And you know how strong I am….not my fault the BBQ grill got in my way when I saw that rabbit.  It really slowed me down and I didn’t get the rabbit, but I drug the grill about 100 feet. See I am strong.  Boy did Andy say some bad words when he had to bring it back to the patio.  Don’t know how it got tangled in my lead the 2nd or 3rd time.   But I am having fun playing with the parts that broke off.  It was old anyway , right?
And I really wasn’t going to run off last weekend, but you see Andy and Samantha were carrying stuff to her car.  Then Chris and Nikki were going to leave too, well you know how small Nikki is, I just pushed her aside and out I went….I wanted to go too! Then Chris started chasing me…well isn’t that the game, so I ran and ran.  Made mistake of running towards Andy, oops, that didn’t go So well.
See I’ve been pretty good…I’ll try to be better tomorrow, honest.
Sounds like Rigg’s is his old self, I can just picture him pulling the BBQ grill across the yard, remember it has a 30 lb bottle of propane attached to it. He sure is strong.
                         Rigg’s and his BBQ Pit.
Had to take the little grey cat JC to the shelter this morning, for my sister. This is the one my niece Barbara brought home had been hit by the car. Wendy took it to the Vet and got it patched up and then got it caught up on all it’s shot’s, and decided to keep it, well JC is just not working out, it is a constant battle as she is not social at all with the other three, she fights with the other two females and Noah the male uses her as a sparing partner so she is constantly hiding. with Wendy confined to bed she will get up on the bed when Wendy is resting and scratch and bite at her for no reason. Needless to say this added to the decision to find another home for this young creature. The girl at the shelter said having all the shots is a plus so maybe they will be able to adopt it out.
Michelle, my neighbor girl came by for a visit last night, I had to run for a couple of sandwich’s at the Hoagie Shoppe so she asked if she could go, I had her make sure with her Mom first and then off we went. She loves my big diesel truck. maybe she should have been a boy. She was the clear victor on he Wii games again.
She likes the one where you are on the platform over the water and you fight with what looks like punji sticks, until one of you is forced off the platform into the drink. I must look like a prune I have spent so much time in the water.
Looks like they are enjoying a nice day back home, sunny and a high of 83 degrees, here in Scranton we have an 80% chance of thunderstorms and a high of 66 degrees.
Hope the rain holds off so I can grill some burgers outside, today.
That’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Froggi Donna is


  2. It looks like Rigg’s is waiting for you to cook him a steak on that grill. He sure is a nice looking dog!

  3. Emma says to tell Rigg's that all those things weren't his fault! :)

  4. Molly and Rylie say it's no wonder Rigg's is getting antsy as he misses his Dad! Sounds like Rigg's is giving them all a fit back home, Sam!

  5. Riggs couldn't possibly have done all that..He has an evil twin who is at fault!!!

  6. You and I know that when you look a Lab in the face and see that Lab look what can you say..

  7. From Duke and Duchess:

    (don't admit a thing)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Ah that Riggs. He is just living a dogs life afterall.

  9. Tucker said..Hey it wasn't Riggs fault!..it is hard to be good ALL the time!!

  10. I love the letter from Riggs! What a guy!!! (Oh you too Sam! LOL) Thanks for that clever post!

  11. Sounds like Rigg’s is having quite a time. I think he is doing this because he is missing you, that or just trying to keep everyone on their toes.

    I hope they can find a good home for JC after all Wendy and your niece have done for her.

    We were having nice warm temperatures yesterday in North Vernon, Indiana. I think the high was 74° , but today it is rainy and only about 60° in Seymour, Indiana. Hope it keeps warm for you and no snow.

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. Love a good Riggs story...and that was a dozzie. Good boy, Riggs.