Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 8, 2010

TGIF from Scranton PA.

Started my day at 06:30am with coffee, then it was a trip to Walmart for some groceries and cleaning supplies. Got back and got the basement shower facilities cleaned up and ready for my stay. I am not a bathtub and European style hand shower type of guy and that is what my sister has in her upstairs bath. I prefer a guy type stand up shower stall and that is what is in the basement, but no one has used it since December, so a good scrubbing was in order, now its good to go for my stay. Plus there is great water pressure that will almost pin you against the back wall of the shower, so after a good hard hot shower it’s like being power washed.

Went out for a drive and got some pictures, the City of Scranton is an old town situated between two mountains, appropriately named East and West Mountains. I took some shots driving down Mulberry Street toward downtown first with West mountain in the background. and then I turned around and on the way back east shot East Mountain.

Mulberry StWest10-08-10b

Mulberry St & West Mountain, the second light colored tower is the Scranton city Hall.

Mulberry Steast10-08-10a

Mulberry St & East Mountain in background.

After that I continued to Nay Aug Park in the far east end of Scranton. The Everhart Museum is a big attraction at the Park.


         Everhart Museum at Nay Aug Park.

Got a couple of fall colors at the park.



                              Nay Aug Park.

Not much else going on, I will have about a week to do some more exploring of the area where I grew up before Wendy has her surgery. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Don't get too at home, Riggs wants you back!!! LOL

  2. Thanks for your comment on my http://newzealandmyhome.blogspot.com/ post.

    I guess Scranton holds many memories that will stir up both joy and grief. It looks like a pretty town.

    Take care the three of you and hope it's not too long before Sam can go home again.Hope Rigs is OK and bounces back from his visit to the vet quickly too.

    What a lovely man stepping up to the mark when family needs him. All he best to Donna too. I don't like being alone more than a day or two at a time. Hopefully the days of being separated for whatever reason are behind us.

  3. Thanks for posting the nice pics of Scranton - I've never been there so it was great to get some idea of what it looks like. It looks pretty good!

    I'm with you on the shower versus a bathtub too.

  4. Nice day for you getting settled in and seeing the town again. Nice to see the pics of Scranton and some of those trees are sure pretty.

  5. Great pictures today, Sam. Glad you are having some fun with family. Stay safe.