Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 15, 2010


I got up to a cold overcast day, no rain it was about 40 degrees but it didn’t get to 51 today. About 08:30am I walked over to the hospital with a big mug of coffee for my Sister ,I stayed until she had therapy scheduled at 10;00am and then came home, she called after therapy and said they decided they wanted her to stay at least one more night, I figured that out yesterday when I talked to the nurse. so I told her not to be in a hurry to get home, I know she is worried about her cats but I told her they are being fed and watered, and after all cats are just like dogs with an attitude so don’t worry.

Hey niece Tammy, I forgot to tell you the Ferri’s pizza in Dunmore PA closed so the only one left is the original in Taylor PA. Since I hadn’t ordered a store bought PA pizza since I got here (one week). Last night I asked barb what she was doing for supper and she said nothing, so I said I would spring for pizza’s, she said her Dad had started bringing home pizza just like Ferri’s from another place called Brownies. So that’s where we got it, it looked and tasted exactly like Ferri’s, Hope there aren’t any pizza copyright laws. Here’s the picture you wanted, good thing I remembered you asked for it as it was almost history by that time.


A genuine square PA. pizza, 12 slices to a box.

This afternoon I went back to the hospital to take Wendy her laptop, and a robe. Then when I got home an old high school buddy Pete Badyrka came by the house, We had a nice visit over coffee.

Tonight since I am alone I will be finishing the doggie bags from the restaurant the other night, no cooking or mess.

Hey Rigg’s, I hope you are being a good boy for Mom and Andy, If I get a good report I will be bringing you a surprise from PA. You too Adam. I know you are being good.

For my Canadian friends, Rick, Al, and Don who retired from CNRR here are a couple more pictures from Steam town.






This is a working roundhouse and right now they have a Cp G3 Pacific engine, and a CN S1b Mikado that are used in excursion service, These engines were used by the railroads into the 60’s and then went to Steam town, they have been restored like new. They also have about 10 other steam locomotives being restored at a slow pace. It takes a minimum of 2-5 years to bring one back to life and lots of money.

That’s it for today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. We had a place by where we used to live in Calif. that made square pizzas. They were really good. What was left of your pizza looked good, too.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Uncle Sam!

    Greetings from the MacBook. Not trying to talk you into anything but you should drink the kool-aid. I LOVE this thing!

    Yes, the Dunmore location has been closed for years. When I was there in 2003, Aunt Wendy and I went out to eat at the Taylor location. Obviously it's wasn't a big thrill for her but I was SOOO HAPPY!! It was YUMMY.

    Uncle Rick got me Brownies too while I was there. I'm a Weibel so I could eat pizza every day and NEVER get sick of it! I remember it was awesome too!

    In fact, I am so envious of you being in Scranton that I am going to make pizza for dinner tonight. I won't be able to get it going till after 8pm though because I forgot to pull the frozen bread dough out of the freezer first thing this morning. It's still got a little more rising to do. But I will be sure to e-mail pictures of it. It is going to be GREAT!!! Yum Yum!

    Love you!

  3. Judging from your niece's previous comment, you Weibel's definitely like your pizza. Does a square pizza taste any different than a round one?

    Thanks for posting those old Canadian Pacific locomotive pics. It's nice to see some of those old machines still around and not be sold as scrap metal.

  4. Don here - thanks for the pictures Sam! We have been known to go on the odd Steam Excursion on our travels - well, most of them are disappointing as they are sloooowww on slow track - no high wheelers! It would be nice to get out in one of those and see what they can do. Hope your travels go safely and hope you see nothing but high greens!

  5. I think pizza is different where ever you go..Here in Chicago, they make pizza with the cheese on the bottom...hence Chicago Style Pizza..I would like it if even if it were stirred with a stick in a big mish mosh!!! Pizza is a favorite here too....Take care and give your sis a hug from the Cave People...

  6. In South Jersey we called them Party Pizzas. They usually have a thicker crust than a regular pizza.