Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 22, 2010


Was up at 05:30AM had the coffee going and fired up the laptop for my morning round of blogging, Wendy got up around 07:00am and I got her a cup of coffee. Then some breakfast. Today was cool but sunny, it was 33degrees when I got up and it is only going to reach 45 degrees. By contrast the bustling Dardenne Prairie area had a low of 54 and was supposed to reach 77 degrees this afternoon. That’s still short sleeve weather. I had to wear a flannel shirt to run a couple errands and without a jacket it was still cold. I will be making a Walmart run before to long for a quilted vest.

Got out for yet another prescription this morning and then stopped at the Bank and picked up some clothes at the cleaners for Wendy. I told her where I live the cleaners would go out of business, nobody sends jeans and t-shirts to the cleaners. I remember I had some suits years ago that had to go but those days are over.

Took the camera with me but didn’t see anything that caught my eye, except maybe the young Police Woman in her 20’s that was giving some guy a ticket and I figured that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Did I tell you my sister had cat’s, yeah, 4 of them, one is a little grey female kitten that my niece found that had been hit by a car a month ago, it is back to health, but is scared of it’s own shadow and stays away from us, then two other black female cats That will sit next to me but don’t want to have much in the way of attention, then there is Noah, the only male, he is part Siamese and is quite a bit  larger that the others. He has taken a liking to me and allows pets and scratches and will follow me and rub against me for attention, he also is waiting for me at my bedroom door in the morning and follows me to the kitchen so I will fill the food bowl, shows he has some smarts anyway.

Not being a cat person I am used to Rigg’s constant attention and wanting to play and be with you all the time. It looks like cats just don’t do that. Wendy says Noah must like men because he pays little attention to even her and has never let anyone else pet him. I said see that just proves what Mom always said, Sam is different. When people would ask her about her kids she would say I have 3 boys, 1 girl and Sam..

Hey Rigg’s don’t worry, No Way is Noah coming back with me, and I’m still the doggie guy I always was. You even smell better, and they can’t come anywhere close to the big licks you give..

Being it’s Friday Wendy asked me if it was going to be pizza night tonight, I said yeah I will make a big square pizza for supper tonight.

Adam when Grandpa gets back we are going to have a Pizza Street night just like before.

That’s about it for today, I’m about set in a routine now, maybe this weekend I will take a ride and photograph the countries largest railroad viaduct.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. I like cats..Dennis does NOT...He says you can't call a cat...That's only because he uses their name instead of the usual "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!"...That gets 'em every time...He bought me a Siamese kitten for our first Valentine's Day together almost 41 years ago..Man, talk about bait and switch tactics!!!

  2. Jeans and t shirts to the cleaners - I had to laugh. Mine would probably fall apart when the dry cleaning solution hit them.

    Sounds like winter isn't far behind. Stay warm.

  3. You keep that cool weather up there,its just right here in MO.

  4. I've had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hampsters, birds, tropical fish & loved em all. If I could have got my head in the aquarium without drowning & put a smooch on a goldfish I probably would have done that too:)) I really do think dogs rule though...........

  5. I'm not a cat person either, I don't trust them for whatever reason. As long as they leave me alone, I leave them alone. I much prefer dogs like you. Hope the pizza turned out great!

  6. Why is it that a square pizza seems to taste better than a round pizza?

  7. I like petting a cat, and I take care of the neighbor's cat when they go out of town, but I no longer want one as a pet. Doggers are *our thing*

    We had 2 when the kids were growing up. No more litter boxes, crazy cat habits and sporadic spraying on nice things like leather jackets, kid's school backpacks and our nice carpets. No thanks.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. I love cats, but can't live with them because of alergies.

    Just want to say I think your sister is very lucky to have you, Sam. We must both have very close-knit families. Stay safe.

  9. We have a cat I found about 15 months ago. I never had a cat that needed the attention this one does. He wants to play constantly. The fun part is watching him chase the laser beam around and around in a circle. Dumb animal!

    BRRR! Cold up there!