Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, A tragic reminder.

At 05:30am, in Scranton PA, 04:30am in my hometown of Dardenne Prairie, I poured my coffee and fired up my laptop to see what the latest blogs were. As usual Rick, of Rick & Paulette was first up and I couldn’t believe what I was reading, On Saturday two of our fellow bloggers and well liked members of the bloggers family, were tragically killed by a driver intent on committing suicide, Bruce & Margie Mallin,Bruceandmargiesfulltimejourney  With tears in my eyes I read the account Rick had posted and their daughter Stephanie's entry in their blog informing us of their loss. Margie was an almost daily commenter on our blog, she was always complementary, inspiring, and helpful. Her last comment was Friday:

“We had a place by where we used to live in Calif. that made square pizzas. They were really good. What was left of your pizza looked good, too. Have a nice weekend.”

By Margie M. on TGIF on 10/15/10

The day before:

“It's good to read that Wendy came through the surgery well. Hopefully, the next 3 weeks will pass quickly for her and you and she'll be back on that foot in no time. Take care, Sam!”

By Margie M. on Thursday, thoughts. on 10/15/10

Just examples of the caring and wonderful people they were.

I always enjoyed hearing about the Granddaughters Mackenzie and Zoey, My hearts goes out to them, to lose such precious moments with both their Grandparents is hard to even think about. I hope Margie was able to get the scrapbooks she talked about near completed.

For all of us this is not only the loss of a great pair of human beings, but a reminder that life is short and unpredictable , every time you leave your loved ones tell them of your love and give them a hug.

Margie, I’ll sure Take Care, like you said, and Thank you for caring so much for us and all of our families, We will surely miss you both…. Sam & Donna.


  1. I am in shock! I imagined eventually meeting Margie since we're both camped out in Central Coast California. I love her blogs. She has been such an inspiration this last year as John and I have traveled. Thank you Sam for blogging about this loss. Life is truly a precarious thing for us all.

  2. Our hearts are so overcome with sadness. Such a tragedy to our RV family. Prayers and our heart felt condolences to their family, friends and faithful blog followers.

    Love In Christ,
    Gina & Rollie

  3. Well said, Sam, and so true. Margie was 'special' amongst us bloggers. She had the gift of making everyone feel welcome and worthwhile. Your tribute is both touching and it captures so much of what Margie was all about - thanks for your post!

  4. I miss her.

    Margie was very special and Bruce came across as a lovely man. I hate to think of their family going through this.

    Still struggling to take it in but that's the nature of sudden loss.

    Now we must all take care and live a lot.

  5. Thank you Sam for saying things so well. I am speechless....what can be said? This is so sad and Bruce and Margie will be so deeply missed by all her RVing friends.

  6. You are a man of fine words, Sam. Thanks for expressing what many of us feel. :_(

  7. Sam, you have said it well. Margie (and Bruce) will be missed by all of us. She was a true friend with the way she commmented to encouragingly to everyone. What a loss for their family and for all of us!

  8. Well done blog Sam I'm lost for words and in shock.

  9. Such a sad loss. You have said what everyone feels , thank you.

    Our thoughts are with Margie and Bruce's family.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. My mind kept returning again & again to Margie & Bruce today. So sad what has happened.

  11. no words can really express the grief that we are all feeling...hugs to you and Donna and Riggs..we are so glad we got to meet Bruce and Margie this past summer...I wish the tears would stop...the pain is so great...how can something like this happen??

  12. Sam, you have said it well. Margie and Bruce will be missed by many. Her uplifting comments were a joy to read, as was her blog. I'm beginning to accept this tragedy now that the shock has started to wear off, but Margie and Bruce will not be forgotten.

  13. A very sad day for all, Bruce & Margie will be missed.

  14. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Bruce & Margie will be deeply missed by all who knew them, especially their children and the grands.

    I too got many encouraging comments from Margie...especially as we began our time with the carnival. We missed meeting them in person by about three hours when we left Eugene and they drove through.

    May God be with their extended family during these difficult days.

  15. Yes, it's so unbelievable what has happened! And I am sure they will be sadly missed by their RVing family as well as their own family. Just thinking of little Mackenzie and Zoey spending all summer with them, and silly Margie dancing around and the trampoline and zillion other happy events. Sigh.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard