Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Blurb.

Got up had my coffee and then at 08:00am I wnet over to the hospital with a big mug if coffee for Wendy, When I got there she said she did better in therapy yesterday than the first day and she said she would probably be able to go home today, I noticed  the IV’s were gone so I took that as a good sign. About 09:30AM the nurse came in and told her the doctor had called and said she could go home, so I walked back to the house and got Wendy’s car because she wouldn’t be able to climb up into my truck. We got her home at about 10:30am and by the time she was laying in her hospital bed she was tired, so I told her I would run to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions she brought home and get some things she needed at the grocery store, I told her I would take my time so she could get a nap. Good thing I did as the store was packed and I spent about a half hour just waiting in line to check out, I’m spoiled by the 24 hour stores at home where I can go at 06:00am when they are almost empty.

Called Donna after I got Wendy home and she let me talk to Rigg’s, she said he was confused at hearing my voice and not seeing Dad anywhere. I wish it had been a Skype call where I could have seen his reaction. Maybe I’ll try that next week.

Also got  to talk to Adam last night and he said he had a good week at school and he is counting the Fridays till Grandpa comes home, I told him that the first Friday I am home I will be picking him up in Warrenton and he will be spending the weekend at Grandpa’s.

Wendy said to thank everyone for their concern and that she is doing fine, after I got back from the store she even came into the kitchen on her walker while I was making her  lunch. I was surprised, but she didn’t seem to be having any difficulty so I didn’t say anything. Like Nurse Cratchett would have..

That’s it for today it is getting cold here in PA. tomorrow I will look at the furnace and if I can’t get it started I will have to call for help. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Oh it's so good to hear news from home and that Wendy is doing well.


  2. Sounds like your sis is doing really good! Be careful fooling with that furnace...Those things scare me anyway...I don't like electricity or gas ignited stuff...things that burn and mame are not on my list of fun things to do...BE CAREFUL!!

  3. Glad that Wendy was right on schedule for coming home today. Also glad that you talked with Riggs and Adam - I know they both miss you.

  4. Looks like Wendy will be up and about in no time at all.

  5. That's so great to hear your sister is home and doing o.k. Take care.

  6. Great news about Wendy. Hope she continues to do well with her healing. Stay safe.

  7. So glad to hear that Wendy is home and doing well.

    Good luck with the furnace.

    Kevin and Ruth