Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Notes

I am up early again and have the coffee, my sister Wendy who is not the country boy early riser, says I am spoiling her, that she loves waking up to the smell of coffee, I am indulging myself in an east coast pleasure, With coffee each morning I have two small Tastee-Kake Butterscotch Krumpets, they are real small and won’t hurt my sugar intake. When we were kids my Mother tasted one and then duplicated the taste of the icing, which to me is what makes them special. Alas her secret recipe died with her, I wonder if Donna could do that, she is a better baker than Mom was.
I do have one thing that is going to take awhile to get used to. I know it has been 10 months since we lost my brother Rick, I can’t hardly believe a tough guy like me could still be in the grieving process and not moving on with life. But I find myself in a very awkward position, everywhere I go here in Scranton & Dunmore people will look at me, especially relatives and say, Oh my God you look just like Rick, You guys should have been twins. I find my self choking up and being very sensitive to this. First of all I already have a twin brother, who won’t even talk to me. From our teen years we were diametric opposites, I used to call him Serious Bill, as a teen, I guess as opposed to my Full of hell, have a good time, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead attitude, that I still have. Rick was much the same way and he loved cars & trucks like I did so naturally we were very close. I feel sorry now for the many trips to PA with Donna over the years where she stayed home with Mom while Rick and I dashed out to hang at the garage or with his friends, I know she expected it, but she was like a service widow on some of those trips, Thanks for putting up with it Hon, It meant a lot to Rick & I.
On a positive note on my way home from my cousin Sam’s house, I made a stop to see someone I hadn’t seen in 45 years.When I was a freshman, sophomore and junior in high school I went steady with a girl named Elaine Hoffman. They lived on the opposite end of Myrtle street from my Grandmother Genett. Elaine & I met in Band class. During the end of our junior year, out of the blue her Dad & Mom decided for whatever reason we were too serious and ended the relationship. I left the Scranton area when I went into the Navy and in all my trips I never saw her again. Well yesterday as I drove down the street I saw the house had a sign on the front that said Hoffman, I saw a lady working in the front yard so I thought what the heck, so I stopped the truck, I walked over and even after all these years I knew in my heart who it was. I said Elaine, and she looked up with a who the hell are you look, I said” do you know who I am,” and she said no, I smiled and said think back about 45 years, Does the name Sam ring a bell, then it was like a light bulb being lit, she said I can’t believe it Sam Weibel, I said yes, after hugs she said oh I’m so sorry I didn’t recognize you, I said well I'm not the skinny young guy you knew, I’m and old retired guy now, Being the lady she is she said no you are a lot more handsome now than when we were kids, we sat on the front porch and she wanted to know how life went and I told her about my pretty bride Donna and the four boys, and  of having great jobs all my life from the Navy until now. I even turned down a beer, And she said surely you still drink beer and I said oh yes, but usually at home and always after 5, ( Miller time) she laughed and said well you had enough as a teenager to last a lifetime. Alas Elaine never married and has no children. She said both her parents are now deceased and she thought her Dad regretted breaking us up later in life because he said I had been quite the hero in my Navy days, and the talk of the bar at times. I told her I was no hero but I loved flying and it was a great job for a young man, the same with police work. I finally said I had to get home to see Wendy and maybe I would stop again and talk before going home to MO I must say it was nice to see her, but I felt bad that she hadn’t drawn a better hand of cards in life as I am sure she would have made a great mom.
When I was driving back to Wendy’s I thought how lucky I was that God had given me the life I have had so far. I Thank Him each day for allowing me to have the time I have with my family.
My sister and I will be taking a drive today to the cemetery to visit my Dad & Moms  graves and also Ricks. Then maybe I can deal with this grief problem.
Hey Donna, give Andy & Rigg’s a hug and get one back from me. Maybe even let Rigg’s give you a good face lick like he does me. It might make him feel better. We send our love from PA.
Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. What an interesting and emotional trip this is for you, Sam. Imagine finding your first love still living in the same house 45 years later! I guess she could never find anyone to take the place of you! :)

  2. Is there still a Ferry's Pizza? Last time I was there they had one in Taylor. If there is still Ferry's please have some for me and also send me a picture :D

  3. First - gotta love those Tasky Kakes. I love the Krumpets but the lemon pie must be my favorite. No other snack cakes/pies come even close to Tasky Kake!

    Oh my, what an emotional ride you must be on. I do pray there is reconcilation between you and your twin.

    Shortly after my Dad died, I was camping with a group that included several younger men who knew my Dad well. He was like a father to them too. My Dad had a strange sense of humor. Sitting around I made some silly comment. One of them said, she sounds like her Dad. I got tears in my eyes. They all felt so bad and he apologized. I told him please do not feel bad. I took it as a compliment. Sam, when people tell you about the resemblence, feel proud and take it as the compliment it was meant to be.

  4. How did Riggs surgery go?

    That is cool that you were able to visit an old friend. I thank God that He could see the bigger picture of whom we were suppose to be with in life and it wasn't us choosing our mates...lol

    My HSchool love..turned out to be a wife abuser and died a couple of years back a severe alcholic.Sad!!

    You need to do some crying..and just flat out talking outloud to your brother Rick. It always works for me!That is probably what you miss the most is your sharing of life. I keep a journal..and write to my Mema lifes important announcements...and some times just daily things..it really helps..and I think the girls will enjoy reading it someday.

    OOhh take a bunch of those donuts to Donna..after a few of them I be she would crack the code..lol then Donna can pass them so us!

    Have fun with your sister. It seems strange seeing you talk to a Wendy..my oldest is a Wendy too..it is an unusual name.

    Hugs to you and Donna..Cindy and Walker

  5. It is so sad about your twin brother. Hope some day you two can get back together. Grief is a funny thing. You think you are ok and then some funny little thing will bring it right back to the surface. Take it easy and stay safe.

  6. Sam, it really sounds like a very emotional time for you. I am sorry about your relationship with your twin, maybe one day soon the walls could be broken down.
    I bet it was good to see your first girlfriend. I think your statement about being blessed by God is a good thought to hold on to, because you have. Always hold on to and trust Him.
    Take care and be safe!
    Mike & Gerri

  7. Grief is a weird thing but being back home will help you work thru it. There is no way to shortcut the process, but family and old friends will help. Now box up a dozen Tastee Kake Krumpets and send them to all of us blog friends so we can all try to crack their recipe. LOL Or at least we can try and convince you that's what we are doing. But your right, Donna is your best bet there. Seems you have a million emotions coming at you from everywhere in the old town. You have some time to enjoy and savor them all as you help out your sister. Take care, Rod

  8. It is very difficult losing a sibling. Even if it was 10 months ago, the pain can still be great. Grieving can sometimes be a lengthy process so give yourself time. Maybe visiting the cemetery will help. I find them somewhat comforting when I can look at the headstones of loved ones lost and remember the good time. Blogging these feelings can help, too. Take care.

  9. Grieving is different for everyone. My dad passed away a year and a half ago and I'm still having a hard time with it. God bless!

  10. Did you ever think that this trip home was "meant to be??"...Possibly this is exactly what you needed to resolve some nagging issues ...a kind of catharsis of sorts. What's that song??..."Who says you can't go home?"...Ya gotta love the ol' rock and roller Jon VonJovi....Embrace this time.

  11. oops..sorry, my finger slipped....Jon BON Jovi....Duh!