Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up and at em early, filled the house with smell of hot fresh coffee, even the three cats come running because they know now that I am in charge of keeping the food and water bowls full.

I got another comment from my Navy buddy and I am now thinking it is a legitimate attempt to contact me. As you know the first was a humorous request for weapons and money, but this one is full of thing’s that again only someone with a combined knowledge of Scranton and the Navy. Would have, Barry & I went to high school together, Also I did some investigating on my own and a search of his name brings up a reference to that Aug 5th blog post with his name in it. I think he is trying to find an e-mail contact with me and hasn’t found out how to get to my blog home page with the about us that has my e-mail address, I believe he may be living in Conn. but I’m not sure. I know he has a brother in Scranton so I may try to get a hold of him and see if I can contact that way. Anyway for those of you as curious as I am here it is.

US NAVY SEAWOLF has left a new comment on your post "Thursday Notes":
Three things a good Scranton HC-2 sailor always did.
Didn't grab the hook, let it ground itself first.
Had a sudsy drink at the Airship Tavern.
Had a couple Coney Island wieners when in town, and maybe some Turnabe's pizza.
How do I get your e-mail address?


The first reference would be about the static electricity that the rotating rotor blades would build up and if you were fool enough to grab the metal hook and cable of the hoist even with gloves  you would get a big surprise, all helicopter crewman learned of this first hand and never repeated it again. Funny the hoist operator in the helicopter never had to worry about it, but pity the ground man or someone on a ship that you were delivering something to, it was hilarious to watch from above.

The Airship Tavern was an old bar dating back to when the Navy had Blimps and Dirigibles it was located conveniently right out side the gate of the Lakehurst NJ Naval Air Station and was a local squadron hangout, along with Weaver’s Tavern in downtown Lakehurst. 

The Coney Island Texas Weiner Shop, and Turnabe’s Pizza, were local hangouts for the kid’s of Scranton.

Again whoever is sending these comments has an inside knowledge of the squadron I was assigned to, and my hometown. I am secretly hoping it is Barry as I have not heard from him since I left the Navy over 40 years ago.

Also I never shied away from a good investigation and this is starting to peak my interest.

Not much else going on maybe the mystery will be solved soon, and another case closed.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Rigg’s Dad knows your trying to be good, all your Furry buddies out here in blog land are rooting for you and hope you get your Dad home soon.


  1. How very cool that this guy is trying to find you!! I just hooked up with an old college friend and it was really fullfilling!..Keep us in the loop about this mysterious friend...

    Riggens, I feel your pain..You are just acting out cause you miss Sam..

  2. SOmething else to make for some excitement when you check your blog. Sounds interesting. Sure would be great for you catching up with an old friend.

  3. Is he trying to find you or is he playing with your mind? But then if he is one of your old buddies, he must have a certain sense of adventure!
    I'm sure he will divulge himself sooner or later. And ya, we always watched that static charged hook when we were in Viet Nam. Always let the stuff hit the ground before you go over and unhook it!

  4. I think you'd better turn this case over to NCIS or CSI Scranton, Sam, just to make sure we all get to the truth here!!

  5. how nice that an old navy buddy is trying really hard to contact you!!..keep us posted on the adventure!...was Riggs a good boy today??

  6. A friend emailed me last winter to say he had a call from someone looking for me. Said the guy told him to tell me, "It's Captain Morgan time." I knew instantly it was an old high school buddy from back in the early 60's. We met up this summer. Good buddies always have 'inside jokes & sayings' that last a lifetime between them.

  7. I hope you guys can find each other. That would be great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Glad things are going good there with your sister. Hope this is a real guy who is trying to get in touch with you and not some strange scam. Only you know for sure by the clues, but why not just say to you *Hi, this is your (buddy's name)* ???

    Karen and Steve
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