Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, October 29, 2010


Another cold cloudy typical fall day here in Scranton,the temps stayed in the 40’s so far today and no sign of any sunshine.I had to take a few items to the storage shed to make room for Wendy’s wheelchair, the Doctor decided this was the best way to keep her foot elevated and still allow her some time out of bed, so I took her desk chair ad some other items to put away and make some room for her to maneuver around her desk. She was able to sit and do some computer work at her desktop for about an hour today and she said she didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Michelle came over after school as her Mom & Dad were both working so she helped Wendy shred paper, and vacuum. She is now playing Wii so that will keep her busy until her parents et home.

Tomorrow is the Steam Train trip and both of us are excited.

I had to laugh when I read my comments from yesterday, me fitting into my uniforms from 40 years ago would be a dream. I do have  nomex  flight suit that I will give to my Grandson as a keepsake, I also have my flight boots, amazingly they are still in good shape.

Jim & Ellie JUSTTRAVELIN asked how I got my knowledge of trains, I guess by growing up in a railroad family and having my Granddad and Uncles take me to the rail yards with them as a boy & teenager, Then when I retired from the PD before I took the Chief’s job in Lake Sherwood, I worked about 2 years for the Union Pacific RR Police. I have also enjoyed model railroading all my life. But don’t forget there are guys out there Like Don from K AND D IN THE RV who spent his working life and just retired from Canadian National RR. who could really give us the inside story about the railroads, there dangers, and just fun stories.

That’s about it for today, Tomorrow there will be the smell of hot oil and coal smoke in the air. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Have fun on the steam train trip tomorrow. You sound as excited about it, as we are about, our caving adventure tomorrow. Nice that you will have Michelle as company. Hope the weather is good for you!

    Kevin and Ruth


  3. Yep, doing what you like to do best is always a 'trip'! :)

  4. Hey! This is Don (retired from CN ) and Kim. YEs, I have lots of stories and I better save some of them for when we finally meet, and we will do that! WE wish you the best of fun on your trip tomorrow - hope you don't get any cinders in your eyes. Be cool of they got that up to 85! I have never had the opportunity to go to high speed - I have heard from older than me 'rails' that they would fly! And there is NOTHING like the sound of a steam whistle, thats' for sure!

  5. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your train ride and to seeing some great pictures too! So, don't forget your camera!

  6. Yep, two things that are totally impossible....flapping our arms & flying like birds & fitting into our clothes from yesteryear!!

  7. Hope you have a great time on your train ride. Glad Wendy is able to be up and at her computer. Thanks for sharing.