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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Am I getting old

We were up and at em at our usual 04:30AM, Donna was off to the truck company. Sam is waiting to get Adam up and off to school.
Got a nice e-mail from a former high school Classmate who found me either through Face book or my blog on the internet search, I didn’t know it but Google puts your blog on their search engine. Boy how time flies she said they had an old address for us from where we lived 25 years ago in Florissant MO.but after that we dropped off the face of the earth. Anyway she said the 45th reunion was coming up in 2011 and she wondered if I would be interested and also she had a list of former classmates if I wanted it, she also said that about 45 have passed away out of about 220, wow do the math, that's almost 25% .Time sure marches on.
Anyway now that I have been reminded of my own mortality, I decide maybe I would go ahead and see how some of these people are doing to help kill some downtime when I am not driving the bus.
Oh and I received a Digital converter that I ordered off E-Bay, Wal-Mart had them in the cataloged for $49 but none of the stores stocked them anymore. I went on E-Bay and found a Magnavox for $29. It arrived after a week, I needed this for the 5th wheel since we carry a direct TV box and two dishes but sometimes you can’t get a satellite fix. Hopefully it will just be  a backup.
Anyway that's it for now, not much planned for today but supposedly it might get into the upper 40’s today and then the 50’s for the weekend. Until next time, Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna.

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