Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Blast from the past.

It’s Saturday morning, Donna gets to sleep in, Sam was up at 05:30am and had his first cup of coffee. Got the word last night that I would be taking the bus out Sunday for a Christian University that is going from Olathe KS to Beattyville KY from Sun-Thurs of this week, since it is an 11 hour drive from those two points and you can only drive 10 hours in a day I will relieve another driver who is deadheading to Olathe and then coming back and I will meet him at Kingdom City MO and then finish the trip to Kentucky in 8 hours.

I can only hope the Motel I am staying in has a computer so I can make a blog entry or this will be it till Friday. Donna doesn’t get much free time with her two jobs so she doesn’t make very many updates.

Now, the blast from the past, was looking in a box of old pictures and came up with these.

BingWeibelwith1946AutocarTankeratGulfOil This is Sam’s Dad, Bing Weibel in 1948 with an old Autocar Tanker he is filling with gas to be delivered. It was gas powered and Dad said it was a real dog.



Here is Donna in the 60’s with a 1955 Nash her Dad got her to get to school in, unfortunately she didn’t have it long, her Dad forgot to put antifreeze in it and the block cracked. Ooops. I little six, another dog.


                 Here is Sam on parade duty on his Harley about 1980, this was a 100mph machine. More Like it.

Wow, time flies when your havin fun. How about another Rigg’s adventure, he loves getting on the blog.

“Hey Mom why did I get doggie time out last night ?

How was I to know that yellow thing Adam had in his hand and was wiggling back  and forth was a pencil and he was

doing homework? I really didn’t mean to almost knock him off the chair.  It's just that yellow thing kept moving around and

I wanted it.

And that stuff you put on your lips last night, well it just smelled so good. Sorry if I pinned you to the chair and licked it all off.

Actually it smelled much better than it tasted.

Tell Adam I'm sorry for jumping on his back and pushing him across the room, I just wanted to play ball and he ignored me !

Tell Dad not to leave his cookies on the table, I just CANT resist a good cookie. Sorry Dad if you don’t have a morning snack.

I'll try to be better tonight” , honest.

Love Riggen.