Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Already.

We were up at the normal 04:30AM, Sam always waits a few minutes until he can smell the coffee and then stumbles into the kitchen tripping over Rigg’s who is just so happy that his Dad is up and moving. A cup or two  of coffee generally get the old motor running and then the day starts, Donna will hit the door for the truck company at 05:30AM, Then Sam will check the blogs out until 07:30AM when it time to get Adam up for school, 08:15AM they jump in the truck and fire up the diesel and head off to drop Adam at school, only 1 mile away, remember walking two mile like I did. Boy the kids have it easy today. Tonight Donna has restaurant duty so it will be the boys alone for supper, Grandpa gets to duty as chief cook and bottle washer.
Hey were in luck today, how about not only a Rigg’s letter,but a restaurant adventure. Here we go, first we’ll here from Rigg’s.
“Dad are you still mad at me?
First off I thought you'd be proud that I could from a sitting position leap strait up onto your pedestal bed...you know it's kind of high.sorry if I landed right on top of you, I tried to scramble off by kicking all my feet, but guess its different than when I went into that lake kicking legs don't work too good on a bed.And honestly I wasn't trying to hit you in the face with my new toy, I was just trying to fluff it up in case you wanted to sleep with it.I was just trying to save you the time of taking a shower this morning when I sat on your stomach and licked your face and arms.By the way what does G.D., Riggins mean ? and yes I know I am a son of a b...after all I am a dog.
Anyway, hope your still not mad.
I'll try to be better tomorrow (have I  said this before ?)”
Now from Donna at the restaurant.
“One night at the restaurant my new table consisted of an elderly couple.  Of course when I walk up to a table
I smile and say good evening, may I get you something to drink while you look at the menu...they both ordered a soft
drink.  When I returned I set down the drinks and laid a paper wrapped straw by both drinks.  The elderly gentleman opened
the wrapper, looked at me and in a very harsh tone said " Here take this dangerous thing away! ".....totally dumbfounded I
took the straw and walked away.  A few moments later the lady came up to me by the register and said "Honey, I am sorry
for my husbands attitude, but he doesn't see well any more and you have clear straws so he winds up poking himself in the eye."
Fortunately I was able to container myself until I could get to the kitchen”. Donna…
I have been remiss in that I have not welcomed our latest followers,
Donna&Dennis, Randy&Pam Warner, Cyndi, Rollie&Gina, FreelyLivingLife, and Mike & Pat McFall.
Thanks so much for visiting our blog and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy yours.
Anyway that's it for today, like the old Sarge said, Be Safe out there.Sam & Donna

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