Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Farewell Old Buddy

It is a sad day in the household today, we lost our buddy Zep (Led Zepplin) last night, Zep was the older of our two dogs and came to us from one of Andy’s girlfriends as a pup in 1999, he was raised by Duke, the Yellow Lab Husky mix we had at the time, and after Duke passed away a year ago, He became the mentor of Rigg’s our younger dog when he came as a puppy. I think he was more of the kindly Grandfather figure than a dad. He would put up with all of Rigg’s puppy shenanigans but of course there were several rules, one was Zep ate first, and two was when he had enough he would growl and Rigg’s would assume the submissive position and then Zep was happy again. Rigg’s wants to tell you about it, he is really upset.

“My buddy Zep wasn't feeling good again, He's been awfully sick, that's why for a couple of weeks I wasn't getting into anything, I

was sitting by him all the time and trying to make him better.  I would lick him and give him as much love as I could....Then a week ago he started feeling better so I didn't have to stay by his side all the time...But yesterday he started feeling bad again.

He even let me eat first, in fact he didn't eat at all and he  looked awfully sad.

Then last night he got worse, I was so scared, he started coughing and trying to throw up but couldn't.  He let me lick his face

and show him I loved him, then he started crying and then I was really scared and I started crying.

Then about 930 he laid down and he didn't wake up.  I tried kisses but he wouldn't move and I was so sad.  Zeps man Andy was sitting on the floor and crying so hard, I tried to lick away all the tears, but they just came too fast, so I just sat and looked over my buddy. I think of that song. I'm going to miss you my friend, I'm going to miss your smile, even knowing how it ended I'd do all over again.

So play it sweet in heaven because I know that's where you need to be. I'm going to miss you my friend.

Bye Zeppy (Led Zeppelin) Andy loved you so much, as did Mom, Dad, Adam and me.



                             Zep in healthier days.


                                           Zep & Andy

                Adam&Zep 11-02-09

                                     Adam & Zep

Yes good bye old buddy hope you are with your buddy Duke, boy the companionship and memories you have provided this whole family with, money can’t buy. We’ll miss you,Love Sam, Donna,Andy,Adam,&Riggs.


  1. Our hearts go out to you at this time of doggy loss... It sure sounds like Zep had a wonderful life. If only our doggy pals could live as long as we do. HUGS to you.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

  2. We are sitting here with tears in our eyes for your loss. We know only too well what it feels like when your pet passes, we lost our Mac seven months ago and we still look for him. Bless you for giving him a wonderful life.

    Paul & Joyce

  3. Sam & Donna it is a sad day when we loose a part of the family we are sorry for your loss.Lady are oldest is getting a long in years she has a real hard time getting up to go outside..I know its a madder of time and she will be gone.Her picture is on our blog for now.

  4. So sorry to read of your loss.....when my Son died in June of 2008, his cat Megabyte died 3 weeks later.... She was 19 and he had her since she was a baby. She knew he was sick with Cancer and it seemed like she just held in there with him and when he went, she went....He loved that cat...
    Now we have a Megabyte2,,maybe you have read about her on my Blog....My Son sent her to me,,,she is from Heaven, and is an Angel...I hope I die before she does...
    Its hard to lose something alive that you love..