Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Musings

Well, up at 04:30am had coffee with Donna, she is now off to the truck company. Adam’s Mom came by last night and wanted him to spend the night with her, so the house is quiet. Rigg’s got a big surprise when Mom came home from work last night, she bought him a new Doggie bed and it is large. Rigg’s always acts like he really knows when a present is for him and goes crazy like a little kid. It’s a really nice maroon and grey and it will fit nicely in the trailer when we start out adventure.
Yesterday turned out to be a gorgeous day again, Adam elected to play from 10:00AM till 06:00PM with the kids behind us on their trampoline and then bike riding. He also learned the clothespin and baseball card trick to make your bike sound like a motorcycle. That ended up putting the Train Museum trip on hold for another day.
Sam got a surprise yesterday too. I was going to sand some surface rust next to the step pads on my step rails and repaint them. When I took the rubber step pads off I found out that water had gotten under them and rotted them away. The drivers side might be able to be saved but the passenger side is a total loss. They are Dee-Zee brand and I put them on as soon as I bought the truck in 2004 so they are six years old. I will have to replace them. I am wondering now if a should have spent the extra money for chrome, instead of the black finish, At the time I didn’t want the shiny chrome and the black one were quite a bit cheaper.
Today I will have paint the drivers side and then hunt for some prices on a new set. If I buy the same brand I will pop the rubber off as soon as I install the and put a bead of sealer around the edge on the bottom to keep the moisture out.
Well everyone have a good day and be safe out there. Sam & Donna

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  1. Yayyy for Rigg's new bed! What a Lucky Dog!

    Karen and Steve