Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday musings.

After a good nights sleep we were up at the usual 04:30am, had our coffee and Donna was off to the truck company, I went down to my office in the basement and found 5 days worth of e-mails and blogs waiting for me, I just browsed through yesterdays and a couple of earlier blogs but A lot goes on in 5 days so it always takes me awhile to get up to speed. I keep saying I will buy a laptop but never seem to get to it, Most motels have a computer terminal for their customers, but the last couple of 4 night trips I took I stayed in some that didn’t.

While checking my mail I got one from work with orders for a trip for Thursday and Friday, another college team I will pick up in Quincy Il and take to Ullin IL. a one nighter. I like these they are only 300-400 mile trip and you get back home fast.

Donna asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday when I got back yesterday. I told her I didn’t  much care maybe dinner out or something, well since my birthday is Thursday I know what I will be doing for my birthday and that is driving a bus down the highway.

Rigg”s is getting to know the routine, now when I bring my overnight bag into the kitchen to leave for a trip, he will get between it and the door and keep pushing it away, didn’t take him long to figure out when he see’s the bag I am leaving for awhile.

I never fail to be amazed the intelligence a pet has and the way they show love and affection. Not that he isn’t spoiled by his Dad.


  1. Sam and Dennis share the same "Fool's" birthday..Dennis will be 68 this Thursday. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said he didn't care...It may be a cardboard pizza then..Happy Birthday Sam!!

  2. Happy Birthday on the road, Sam. That was a great story about your dog Rigg's and your overnight bag. Our dogs are a lot smarter than a lot of folks think. They seem to have an amazing memory for things that effect their relationships with us.