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Monday, March 8, 2010

Another new week.

Boy did the weekend come and go quickly, I never sat down and did a blog post all weekend, We were kept busy though, We had Adam with us all weekend and it was the first sunny and mild weekend we have had, temps reached the low 60’s both day and no wind and beautiful sunshine, the kids played from morning to night in the back yards and on the neighbors trampoline. Just watching all that energy being expended tires you out. Last night Donna ,Sam & Adam went out to try a new restaurant out, It was Sunday so we decided to splurge and not cook. We went to Max& Erma’s in Lake St Louis Mo. The meal was fine Donna got a steak, Sam A burger and Adam a corn dog plate.The only complaint was Sam’s fries weren’t as hot as he likes them but what can you do.

                                     Adam at dinner.
                                    Sam&Donna at dinner.
After dinner it was home to unwind. Sam unwound so good he was asleep in a couple of minutes.
Monday looks like it will be a nice day also. Donna just headed for the truck company and Sam is waiting to get Adam up and ready to take him to school.
Rigg’s has been up to his old self, I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I had contact with a lady I went to high school with, Saturday I found my old high school yearbook, from 1966, I was reading through it and left it on the kitchen table. While I was down in the basement Rigg’s got a hold of it and luckily it was not chewed to badly .The cover was torn a little and some teeth marks but I was able to repair it without damage to the inside. Luckily Donna heard him and stopped it before much damage was done,
Rigg’s could tell that Mom & Dad were kind of upset with his for this, so he sent his Dad an e-mail.
Hey Dad, Are you still mad at me?
Now Dad I really get confused…..You sit at the table and eat, so isn’t anything on table food?
I saw the white thing and had your scent all over it…..didn’t know its what you call a ‘book’
I cant read, even though Mom has gotten on me about taking Adams books.  Anyway how was I to know that
It was over 40 years old and was something called your high school yearbook.  Boy there were some funny looking people in there.
Were you able to fix it okay ?
Now Adam said my breath is  minty fresh, isn’t that a good thing.  By the way who are the Girls Scouts and why do they bake cookies?
Thin mints huh…..does that mean I’m going to get skinny ?   Oh, well, they were good.  Got any more ?  No more doggy breath if I get more.
Honest I’ll try to do better tomorrow
Love, Riggins
That’s about it for now, Be Safe out there and we will see ya soon, Sam & Donna.

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  1. Heh heh heh... So Thin Mints will make you skinny?

    Karen and Steve
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