Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Home at last

Sam got home at 02:30AM, drove straight through from Tuscaloosa AL. to Festus MO. where another driver relieved me and then I drove a small van home in about an hour.

The trip was a long but great trip, took the Track and Field team from Central Methodist College down to Alabama University for a big meet must have been 40 coaches from all over the Midwest and Southeast parked on the lot I was on.

Tuscaloosa is a really friendly and nice city. I discovered their War Memorial Park and had to take some pictures.


                            Picture of the picture taker




                US Navy A7-E Corsair Carrier based attack plane


          US Navy 5 inch 38cal Deck gun from USS Tuscaloosa WW2



                          US Army UH1-D Huey Slick


                                               USMC M60 Tank



                       Memorial to Veterans wounded in action

This park is located on MacFarlane Blvd right in front of a big Shopping Center, The citizens of Alabama can be rightly proud of this park as everything about it is immaculate,the displays, the grounds, and stones it is all first class.

Rigg’s was his usual all wound up when he saw his Dad come through the door, Mom said he was his old self and not to bad while I was gone,He got a bath Sunday, and I really noticed how shiny and fresh he looked, that will last till a sunny day when he is out rolling around in the grass and dirt.

Well I am still worn out from my trip so, Be Safe out there,Sam & Donna.

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  1. Hey Sam you can color in the Alabama on your states visited:))

    I know how you feel after a long ride.I drove a truck for 28 years.