Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A slow day, so here’s a previous trip.

Sam is off, Donna is off to the truck company, Rigg’s is till moping a little ,we think he misses his buddy Zep. I am going to share some pictures of a trip we took to Scranton Pa. which is Sam’s hometown, Sam & his son Andy & his grandson Adam went to visit Uncle Rick and Aunt Wendy, and while they were there. They made the mandatory visit to the National Park Service Steamtown Site. Which is on the site of the former Lackawanna Railroad Scranton Yard and Shops. Sam’s Grandfather worked there and as a boy Sam and his brothers spent time there on visits with Grandpa to see the trains when it was a busy working railroad.


         Adam with his bear friend at the PA Welcome Center

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   These are some photo’s taken at Steamtown National Park.

You really don’t have to be a train nut to enjoy this place, It is about as close as you can come to seeing how steam locomotives were rebuilt and used, they are currently rebuilding several and there were three in operation while we were there, I believe on selected weekends they have steam powered excursions to the Pocono Maintains.

Also there are plenty of campgrounds and state parks in the area and in the Pocono’s around Scranton, but wait till summer as the summer weather is great you can swim during the day and still have the windows open at night and not use the A/C. Not to many days in the 90’s. Just a nice area for a summer vacation stop. Lots to see.

I guess that will be it for today, Be safe out there, Sam&Donna.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on our blog...and by the way, those train pics were great!! I just read your blog about the loss of Zep..We use to have a black lab, Gypsy, and lost her back in the late 80's...Still can't think of owning another dog..she was one of a kind..thanks for checking in on our blog....