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Friday, March 19, 2010

Home, At last.

Well Sam got back from his Kentucky bus run last night (Friday) it was an eight hour drive each way which when you put a lunch stop and a couple of rest area stops so the bus passengers can get off and stretch their legs every three hours or so makes for a ten hour day.
The college students he took down there were from Olathe Kansas, and the town we went to was Beattyville Kentucky. For those of you who wonder where that is it is located about 50 miles southwest of Lexington KY and is a very small town, I stayed four nights at the Travel Wise Inn in Beattyville and it was a facility straight out of the 60’s, It even came equipped  with a genuine key on a plastic tab for the door, no sliding card here. I must say though it was a family owned establishment and the owners were just good old country people who welcome you like family. Good thing as you could get pretty lonesome after four days with just a 50 foot motor coach and no car to take you around. No computer though so the blog had to sit from Sun till Friday. Oh well, The students spent their four days putting 12 hour days in rehabbing a house for a local church. What a worthy project and what a way to spend your spring break. Again just another example of some of the fine young people that are out there not getting the headlines.
Well with no computer even Rigg’s was disappointed he tried to send his Dad an e-mail but had no way to do it. So here it is a couple days late.
Hi Dad, I know you'll be home today so I wanted to catch  you up on a few things.
I have been a good boy, really.
I learned a couple of new tricks....no nothing like rolling over....this is much more fun.  I call it Fake Out Mom.
See I run to the back door and act like I have to go out....when Mom opens the door and grabs the chain I back up and
sit down just out of her reach....a few minutes later I do it again...sometimes I'll even run to the door and get my big boy bark
on like I hear something in the yard....boy it is so funny,...Kinda back fired the other day..the 2nd time I really did have to go and
she ignored me....thought I was going to pee on myself...so I started to cry and cry and she figured I really did have to go.
another neat trick is I go to my food bowl when she isn't looking, I grab some food in my mouth and then get close, but not too close.
to her and start moving my mouth and clicking my teeth so she knows I have something in my mouth...when Mom says, ok Riggins
what have you got now, I know its time to take off !....  She'll chase me and as usual stick her hand in my mouth....and then oh its
so funny, her hand comes out with nothing but a bunch of soggy kibble.  Gosh I wish I could laugh....but I sure can get a big smile .
Don’t know why Mom doesn’t smile, all she ever says is YUCK, Riggins !
Well, guess I'll save the rest for later....
I promise I'll be better tomorrow
Love, Riggins
After this trip I can see I might have to start looking for a laptop, Donna & I were going to wait till we got near selling the house and then buy two and load them with the programs we use on our desktop and then sell the office type stuff. I might just have to get one early just to take on trips with me, although the vast majority of motels I stay in have a computer for customer use.
Well that’s it for today Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna.

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