Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wide Open Spaces

Here it is Tuesday, Donna just left to head to the truck company, I am sitting here thinking about some of the blogs I have been reading lately about being in the dessert and out in wide open spaces, it kind of reminds  me of when Donna & I decided to move from a subdivision in Florissant MO. out to Dardenne  Prairie which at that time was prairie farmland. I was still working on the police department not having retired, so I had a 40 mile commute each way, and Donna’s drive was, and still is 50 miles each way.
We bought a nice brick ranch 4 bedroom home, with 4 baths, a dining room and finished basement. A total of 2500 square feet of living space sitting on 2 acres, with a small pond in the front.
At the time there was just three of us with our son Andy in about the 6th grade.
Lot’s of room and as I used to say you could go outside naked in the back and nobody would see you. Directly behind us was over 250acres of farm land, complete with cows and corm and beans. MY son would go over there and get muddy and he would have to take muddy clothes off at the back door before Donna would allow him inside.
I will put a picture of what it looked like from a plane in 1993, and what it looked like in 2006,
Feise Rd02-93a
the road in front was two lanes and ditches for drainage on both sides, the pond was stocked with bass & Blue gill and Andy and his friends would swim and fish all summer.
Here it is in 2006.
1418Feise Rd2006view
The road is widened to three lanes with sidewalks,I had to fill the pond in as I was afraid of somebody else’s kids getting in there and drowning, and homes have grown up in the over 600 acres of tillable land that was in front  and back. Wonder what kind of seeds they used to grow houses, I’ll bet Al & Kelly from the Bayfield Bunch would have loved this happening in their front and backyards.
So much for progress, it has given us a lot of incentive to think about full timing.
Hey, how about another Rigg’s adventure, he is always ready to let you in on his thoughts.
But Mom what’s so important about those things you call clothes....I don’t have any and I get along just fine.
After all you throw them in that white thing, isn’t that what  you call a trash can, do you just throw them away anyway?
And as far as  your panties, yeah I like them best they have such pretty colors. ( and you run a little faster after me
when I steal them )
And I just cant figure Dad out.....he complains about taking out the trash, but when I take out the trash he yells at me. What
does he want ? Help or no help ?
When Dad was gone no one was using that side of the bed, so why cant I ?  I like laying my head on you, it makes me
feel good to know you are there....Ok, sniffing your head and pulling on the hair might have been a little out of line.
Only reason I was standing on your stomach was I thought I heard something and I didn’t want you to get up until I was
sure it was okay.  And no I don't weigh as much as you, well almost, guess I'd better cut down on the kibble.
And yes, I meant to chew up Tigre Tiger and leave little plastic orange pieces all over the living room....I didn’t like
they way he looked at me and that silly grin, well what else can I say...
You still love me right Mom
Love, Riggins
That’s it for today, Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna.


  1. Looks like you guys have been totally megopolized alright. What a shame to have that happen to you. Probably time to tack up a 'For Sale' sign at the end of your driveway & dust off that 5th wheel:))

  2. Al & Kelly, All were waiting for is Donna to finalize her retirement date and the sign is ready, we hope to be out of here this summer, and maybe see you guys out west someday. Sam & Donna. OH yeah, Rigg's says to say hi to your three furry buddies.