Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

First things first I want to WELCOME our newest follower, ROSS, it appears Ross is about to start full timing and is anxiously awaiting the delivery of a Tiffin Coach, take at a look at his blog. Hope you enjoy the daily antics at the Weeb Ranch, never a dull moment when Rigg's is around.
I'm sure there are at least a few people that looked at the St Louis Post Obituary to see if my name appeared in it yesterday. I completely lost track of time and space and forgot to make a post of the blog. Don't ask me why, I really wasn't that busy and Adam stayed close to the house and we didn't go anywhere, just because it was still a mild and nice day I guess. Speaking of Adam, while he was spending the weekend with Grandpa & Grandma, his Mom was moving into a new to them house she found to rent, They had been staying in a small apartment in Warrenton MO. She found a house for rent on a farm outside of Warrenton, and the house is really neat, it is a two story with the inside all freshly painted and new carpeting throughout, A really nice kitchen,and 5 bedrooms. The outside is sided and it looks like it has been kept up well. It sit's on about a 40 acre farm with two ponds and plenty of room. The only down side is that Adam's nearest friend is a one mile walk down the driveway/road, it is a very level ground and bike riding will make that easy.
                    Adam's New House.
Naturally Adam was all excited all the way home and couldn't wait to see his new bedroom and take Grandpa on a tour. It looks like a great place for a boy to grow up, time will tell.
So on to today, Monday, Got up and had my coffee with my bride, then she was off to work at 05:30AM, it is raining slowly and in the 40's and that will be the forecast for the next couple days, no snow but colder temps, so the mild spring days may be over for awhile.
Samantha got up and went to work this morning, this is the first since she found out about the broken sternum. We enjoyed her staying with us, and Nicole too, and I was so glad to see how much my son Andy helped her while she was recovering and sleeping. Maybe there's a new nurse Ratchet in the family.
I see Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Chicago all got snowed in again, we didn't get a flake and I for one am glad for that. It looks brown and cold outside but no snow left.
I can only hope with March not to far away we can hope for just a wet rainy month and no more snow.
Got a couple of pictures of my Granddaughter Allie in New Jersey at the firing range
                          Allie with handgun.
                       Allie with AK-47.
Looks like she is taking after her Grandpa, all my boys were trained in the proper and safe use of firearms as they became teenagers. Better to learn from a Police Firearms Instructor,than from someone on the street. When she completes her college studies she is thinking of joining the New Jersey State Police.
Not much else going on today, I will say see ya until tomorrow. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Oh my goodness....what a really nice looking home Adam is moving to. What a great place for a young boy to grow up!!! The pics reminded me of the house on Field of Dreams. Now Adam has his own field of dreams!!

    Glad you missed that snow and we'll keep our fingers crossed that you won't get any more this winter. We have really been enjoying this nice weather here.:-)

    Take care!

  2. Hey Sam looks like you can take your rig and Riggs out to Adam's house for a camp out this summer.

    Dry,cold and sunny here.

  3. I'm so happy for Adam and his mom that they are moving to a new place. Looks like he will have lots of room to run around.

    I can see why you are proud of your granddaughter, Allie. I wish her luck in her future career. Our son is about to graduate from the Washington State Patrol academy after completing his final step, the field training. It was a long training and very thorough.

  4. How fun for Adam to be out on a farm...and that house looks wonderful...Riggens will definitely want to try out the yard for running..
    It certainly looks like Allie is taking after you, Sam...That is a really neat nod to you, I would say...YOU GO, ALLIE!!!

  5. I always wanted to live in a house like that. And walking a mile isn't anything to a kid - heck, I walked a mile to school - uphill both ways!

  6. what a great place to live!..40 acres!..wow!!

  7. Five bedrooms for two people? Leave your rig at home. You can just sleep inside when you visit! :)

  8. What a neat house for Adam. He must really be excited.

    AND a granddaughter thinking of joining the NJSP? How cool is that!

  9. Sure is a beautiful looking home and plenty big too! I was about to see if a search party should be sent out to find you yesterday so I'm glad your blog showed up today!

  10. Great house...I'm sure Adam will love it.

    Allie looks like she is serious about firearms safety. Hope she gets to follow her dream of being a police officer.

  11. Looks like Adam will have plenty of room to run and play in his new home. I hope they don't have lots of snow, sounds like there would be an awful lot of shovelling to do.

    Kevin and Ruth