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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

It's Wednesday already and it seems like it was just the weekend, Must be getting old, for time to pass like that. Donna and I were up early and after coffee, she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant. I will batch it tonight and have some left tovar pizza. Heh we eat good and easy here. It was 12 degrees when we got up and At 02:00PM it has gone up to 16 degrees.

I got a lot of favorable comments on yesterdays post, one from SUE MALONE, commented that a lot of men won't talk about their  experiences. Well I have to admit it here so you all know, maybe it is easier to type it in a blog than to relate it one on one, for one, some of the things most guys won't talk about are painful memories and I would think that is because,  just as in my own case, I am embarrassed to get choked up and teary eyed, so I mostly avoid direct conversation about it, The fun times, yes it is a lot easier.

My main purpose of yesterdays blog was to introduce what a fine young man Doug Wainright was and is to this day. and recognize his bravery in a really horrific situation. As a rule I will show you the old pictures, but I will refrain from mentioning anything I may have been involved in that was dangerous or could be termed grandstanding or heroic, Again it was a job we had and we did it well.And there are probably guys out there that got a chance to be Grandpa's like us because guys like Doug and I were at the right place at the right time. That was it, no more or no less.

I can remember during my whole law enforcement career I would seldom discuss what kind of calls we had or what we did at work at home at the supper table, and Donna would be frustrated when later she would hear from one of the other cops of an exciting or dangerous call I had not told her about.

Anyway nuff said. Life will go on when we are all gone and I hope there will still be a lot of young people out there with those values I have always respected.

Not much news from the Prairie today, Glad to hear KAREN up in the Cheesehead State is recovering from her procedure and will be able to take her RV vacation, in February, We hope you can stop on your way back.

The rest of you in blogland, if your in the freezer like us buddle up, if your in the sunshine jump in the pool for me.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Glad you got your magazine....
    We are in the deep freeze here, too. I'm hoping it might be 10 degrees warmer in Indy...WISHFUL THINKING...

  2. We're not in the deep freeze but not exactly where we want to be either...but someday soon. It's sunny and clear here in Eugene, Oregon today but not very warm. Hope your weather warms up soon.

  3. OH YEAH you are on our *list* ... either on the way down ... unless you are still buried in snow in two weeks, or on the way back!

    We wanted to get south and warm fast, but the way it looks, the south is getting snow and ice and cold! What is up with that?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. cold here in British Columbia too..no white stuff though..lucky us!

  5. I'll jump in the pool for you, Sam!

  6. Warming up real nice in Arizona again. Come on over Sam, the sand is great:))

  7. Pizza sounds good to me. We are having potato soup with corn bread tonight. We love soups when it is cold.

  8. Hi again Sam,
    My brother was a police officer for a while. He worked in uniform and also as a vice officer. His tales mezmerized me. He had a sense of humor and was a good story teller. He seemed to thrive on the listeners attention. I really like when you tell stories!