Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Donna was up and at em early she had coffee while me and the two mutts laid in bed, I went back to sleep and I opened my eyes and it was 05:45 AM and Donna had left for the truck company. I hate it when I miss seeing her off in the morning. Not supposed to be as warm today with a high in the 40's.

With the kid's gone for the week the house is very quiet again. no dogs running and kids running down the hall, No secret ops games on the xbox, just doesn't seem normal.

Both of the mutso's played together and then took a nap this afternoon. The weekends must wear them out.

I still marvel at the way Rigg's is so gentle in his play and how aggressive and fearless little Sadie is in trying to get a toy away from him, she will nip his ears and go right into his mouth after it and he just puts up with all she can dish out, she will grab a hold of something and pull it while growling up a storm and Rigg's is silent and just applies enough pressure to make her think she is winning.

Well this is another slow day, I guess in a few weeks I will be able to catch up on some yard chores and watch the grass grow.

Some of my fellow bloggers are starting for home already so I wish them all a safe journey.

Be safe out there... Sam & Donna..


  1. Quiet can be a good thing too (once in a while).

  2. nothing wrong with a quiet day, Sam!..enjoy the peace!!

  3. Enjoy your peace and quiet while you can...and have fun watching those fur-faced kids play.

  4. Won't be long & all the Northern Snow Birds will have flown the Southern coop.

  5. The lull before the storm,,,,enjoy Sam!!Time to just set back and give thanks....praise the Lord for all we have.

  6. Sadie is very lucky to be growing up with a great companion like Riggs.

  7. We saw our first redbud in bloom down here in Texas, so I think spring is definitely here... :)