Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Don’t know what’s happening to me I woke up with Donna, and I felt Rigg’s jump up on the bed and snuggle next to me, so I thought well I’ll just relax a few minutes until Donna finish’s her shower, and we’ll have a coffee and talk. Next thing I know I look and the bedroom is dark, Rigg’s is snoring and it’s 05:45AM and Donna is gone. I guess she thinks I am tired and need my rest but I like a few minutes each morning, since Wed-Fri she goes to the restaurant right from the truck company so we only have a few minutes together each day.

The day here at the Web Ranch went slow, At 06:45AM I took Nicole to school, it is a half hour drive to Augusta MO. where she goes to school. Like most rural districts they start at 07:35AM and get out at 02:45PM. When I got back home my son Andy was installing shelving units in his new bedroom, and Samantha was resting and sleeping. I just piddled around and watched a movie, then I left a little early to fill the truck with fuel and get it washed, just as I was finishing filling, they put barrels in front of the car  wash and said it had broke down. The truck looks terrible. Oh well.

The big news here in Dardenne Prairie is the temperature reached 75 degrees today, unless it was pile really high the, all the snow is gone, I just have two small pile at the end of the driveway about a foot tall now.

Got Nicole from school and stopped at a convenience store at hwy D and hwy DD for an ice cream, guess what, no ice cream, both Nicole and Grandpa were disappointed, what a day.

Not much going on Nicole is going to do her homework and I am going to start supper, which will be baked cannelloni tonight, Nicole has never had it before, but is willing to try it.

Hope everyone out there had a fine day, be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Hi Sam, Your extended family is so blessed to have you.

    I bet Samantha loved her cannalloni.

  2. You got warmer then we did,right its 58 at 5:15. Have a good week

  3. Sounds like it wasn't your day today..."The sun will come out tomorrow!"....Cannalloni sounds absolutely fabulous!

  4. Hey Sam,
    Too bad you missed Donna this morning. It's a long, long day of work for her. Dinner sounds great especially after your ice cream disappointment! Hopefully things will go smoothly here on out for the rest of the day. Take care...warm regards to Donna and the crew also.

  5. Baked Cannelloni? Heck, I'd be willing to try any day!!

  6. NO ice cream? What kind of store is that! Bummer.

  7. Good news about the snow-melt, but bad news if it causes floods. Whenever I hear about big snows all winter, I always worry about when it melts.

  8. You are the head cook, bottle washer, janitor plus the Electrition!!! Now that is multi-talent..Good job Sam!

  9. Sooo glad your snow is melting! Perhaps it will be all free and clear to come park in your driveway next Wed night!
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard