Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Another beautiful day here in Dardenne Prairie it was 60 degrees at 04:30am which is really warm for this time of the year, got Nicole off to school at 0645AM, it is a 30 minute drive, I think she will be glad to go home and only have a 15 minute bus ride.

After I dropped her off in Augusta I came home and blogged for awhile and then took the truck to get it washed, it hadn't been washed since once up in PA. so it had a lot of salt and dirt from all the snowy weather we have had. it really looks good. All except for the black step rails I had put on when I bought it in 2004, they are rusting out, no way to save them , so I will either have to replace them with new rails or some kind of steps especially for Donna. Me and the son can get up easily but Donna struggles a little or if you are short like my sister it is a climb.

Had to go to Walgreens to pick up prescriptions and replenish the cold & flu medicine supply in the medicine cabinet, seems like all of us have had a turn and the supply was just about gone.

I went this afternoon back to pick Nicole up from school and surprised by taking a detour around my shortcut home, which just happened to pas a Quicktrip which I knew had an Ice cream cabinet, Nicole got a snickers cone and I got a Nutty Buddy, I wish we had Seven-Eleven stores here, Nicole had never heard of a Slurpee, Imagine never having had a Seven Eleven Slurpee. That will be on my list when the kid's are traveling on vacation with us to find them a Seven Eleven store. They used to be in MO. but QT is the big name now. and they don't have frozen drinks. My favorite was the root beer flavor.

Got home and was glad to see the last two piles of snow at the end of the driveway are just about gone, if it's warm tomorrow they should be history.

The Riggster and Sadie are enjoying the warm spell and spending more time outside, it's that time of the year though where you have to watch them for dragging mud in and keep a towel handy to wipe paws with.

Donna has the restaurant duty tonight so I have to think of some kind of a meat and potatoes supper for us,her at the home front.

Samantha is feeling better she is getting a lot of rest with me taking care of Nicole and cooking and is not in as much pain.

Here for those that miss the snow are a couple of sledding pictures from two weeks ago,


                Samantha (left) and her girlfriend


           Andy & Adam with Samantha watching.


            Adam just about airborne in middle.

This is a pretty good hill about three blocks from the house and it can really be a fast ride. Plenty of trees to stop you if you get carried away. It was below zero wind chill that day so everyone was in Carharts or snow gear.

Hope everyone is having fun wherever you are, Life goes on here at the Weeb Ranch in Dardenne Prairie, Until next time, be safe out there. Sam & Donna....


  1. Here's a recipe for ya, Sam. Take a FROZEN chuck roast, peel some potatoes and carrots. Put it all in a 9 X 13 pan...put some Lipton beefy onion soup mix over the top, ground pepper. Put foil tightly over it...Put it in oven at 200 degrees at 7AM...By dinner time you will have a meal..just make a salad..I learned this one BEFORE I had a crockpot...
    Glad to hear Samantha is doing better....This Donna says "hi" to your Donna...

  2. Sorry Sam, you really don't know a convenience store unless you have been to a WAWA. Seven Eleven is
    2nd class compared to them.

    Twice in the last week I was craving a WAWA coffee.

    Yup, the best C-store in the country - WAWA!!!

  3. Do you make lasagna, Sam? Sounds good to me. :)

  4. No Slurpees??? Poor child - you will definitely have to find a 7-11 for her someday...and being the grandpa that you are, I am sure you will. I have two grandsons who work for Seven Eleven in Portland, OR...maybe they could send you one LOL!! Glad Samantha is feeling better.

  5. Sam, the first thing I did after arriving in Greenville, NC was to wash my car off. I just couldn’t believe how dirty and salty the car was from our short trip to NY. Outside of being concerned about the salt brine on the car was the fact that our car really stood out compared to the clean vehicles of the south.


  6. Glad that snow is all melting.. but the kids looked like they had a blast playing in it while it lasted.

    I know what you mean about the Walgreens run, we are depleted again in cold and flu meds. Let's hope we don't need them for a long long time!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Glad to hear that Samantha is feeling better. You are one first class caregiver!

    Great looking hill for sledding and so close to home too!