Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Well I was up at 05:00AM and a look out the window revealed this.


                        05:00AM 02-05-11 .

4 more inches of snow and still falling Of course Rigg's was overjoyed when he saw it.


            Oh'Boy, Dad more snow to play in..

About 09:00AM it was still snowing and Rigg's wanted back out for more play, looks like he likes Dad's white beard because when I looked outside he had one too.


               Rigg's with his new beard.


It didn't quit snowing until about 11:00AM and Andy went down and fired up John Deere and went out to plow this session of snow out, He also dug out the two cars left out side last night, so Adam and I just had to watch.

I am pretty sure when he is done plowing I will have to make a run to the farm store for about 6 bags of salt melt. As we are out of it, I don't think I use 6 bags in the last two winters, but I only had two bags left and they went with this last storm.

Depending on the price I may get eight bags just to be safe since they are projecting, yep you guessed it more snow tomorrow and Monday, Adam has already started addressing his prayers, to Our Lady of School Cancellations.

Sadie came home last night. As usual she was still pretty groggy and just wanted to eat a little and then sleep, The Vet said she did real well through the surgery. Rigg's had to give her some smells and licks to make sure she was okay, but she will be grounded for a few days of any real activity, The Vet says just to be safe, although she had a very small incision with only a couple of stitches, not like when Rigg's was done and had about a dozen stitches to close him up.


      Adam&Sadie, she is still a tired little girl.

Sadie after spaying02-05-11a

                       Sadie shows off her scar.

For those of you wondering, yesterday was supposed to be pizza night, but with getting Adam late and then going shopping , I forgot to take the crust out of the freezer, so we had leftovers. But first thing this  morning Adam said Grandpa don't forget to get a pizza crust out so we can make a homemade pizza tonight. So that will be taken care of. Have to have your pizza fix for the the week.

Just so you all know I'm not grousing or carping or even complaining about the snow, we just happen to be the one's on the receiving end this year. I can remember other years when John sat all winter and didn't get the call, and my son has really been a big help. Plus if I want to keep all my Canadian friend's happy I have to include something everyday about the weather, Eh.

For all you eagle eyes, one of the pictures has something in it alive that is not human or canine. Let's see who correctly identifies it.

Well that's about it for today, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend no matter where it is. Just remember whenever you think life is bad, it will usually get worse. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. the old eagle eyes are not working too well this morning!..can't see anything other than your handsome grandson and the poochies..there is the dog statue in the background??..but other than that..I got nothin'!!

  2. Thank God for that tractor or you guys would both have wrecked backs.

    Is that a parakeet or small parrot in the pic with Adam & Sadie?

  3. Let me guess first..Is there a bunny way off in back to the left in the first photo of Riggs?? OK, maybe not..Man, I need new bifocals....We are suppose to get some snow tomorrow too...Big Whoop.

  4. Way to go Connie & Rod way in the back of the family room is a bird cage about 4 foot tall, with Skye, our Blue Ring neck Parrot, He is about 13 years old with some parrots living 30-40 years he is stil a youngster, We are trying to find a good adoptive home for He/She were not sure of skyes sex,As he will be to large to go with us when we fulltime, Any bird lovers out there interested let us know his home and all will be included. Sam & Donna...

  5. Awwww nuts!! And I thought I saw a 3 headed Rhinosaucerus coming up the driveway.

  6. Wow..that's a lot of snow! Hope spring comes early this year!

  7. Good thing Connie and Rod's keen eyes spotted the bird - we sure couldn't find it! Maybe our FOCUS was on your weather notes, us being Canadian and all, eh? HA! Thanks Sam! And yes, talking about the weather is a national pastime!

  8. Oh wow! Look at that snow. I can't imagine living where it snows like that. I've only experienced snowfall once and it was a couple of inches.

    Today has been one of the hottest ever in some parts of New Zealand. We are more comfortable with beautiful blue sky and sea breeze we probably reached 25'C/7'F although it's getting warmer this evening as the breeze drops away.

    The hottest places were over 40'C/104'F on the East Coast of the South Island.

    I'm glad you gave Andy to help with the digging and ploughing. It sounds like hard work.

    Glad to hear Sadie is home safely.


  9. Great pictures, but it took me a while to spot the bird in the cage. Bummed me out, I am supposed to be the Ispy queen.

  10. Glad to see Sadie's home and on the road to recovery! A couple of more days and she'll be as good as new. The snow sure seems to keep coming back there!

  11. We have had a nice weekend in Gulfport, MS. Sunny and mild. All my friends want to trade places with me. I said, thanks I've been getting that offer a lot. They say, I BET!!

  12. Glad little Sadie is doing good and got to come home. And in the loving arms of Adam, she will get good care.

    Hope those snowflakes stop falling and you can get back to some serious pizza making!

    Karen and Steve
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