Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Another nice sunny day, it only got up to about 63degrees today but we'll take that gladly over the freezing temps we had been having. Donna was off to the truck company at 05:30AM. I got Nicole down to Augusta for school at 07:30AM, then just a lazy day until 1:00PM when I drove out to get Adam and then we went to Augusta to pick up Nicole, and Grandpa was done with the kid transportation.

We will just have Adam this weekend so it will be a little quieter for a change, haven't decided what will occupy our time yet.

Not much going on in Dardenne Prairie, except the kid's are all playing outside to take advantage of the mild weather.

That's about it for today. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...


  1. Wishing you a good time with Adam. You are building some wonderful memories into his life.


  2. Just wondering how your sister, Wendy, is doing. Is she having much trouble with the PA winter?

  3. Sleet and snow here tomorrow night and Sunday....#&*&!#@%#

  4. Wow, you've got a heat wave! We're only getting up in the high 40's through the weekend! And....it's raining. Oregon weather!

    We're leaving for So.Cal. Going to find out if they have sun. We pick up our new rig on the 24th. Wish us luck!

  5. Gotta a question for you Sam. In May we will be doing a NOMADS project in Fayette MO. After that we want to fly back to MD to visit granddaughers who are missing us and we them.

    Looking for a place to park the rig and a kennel for our cat. You are in at St Louis area where we will fly out. Do you know of facilites/storage place or RV park where we could short term park the rig and a nearby kennel for our bad cat?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    My email phyllen@live.com

  6. "Only 68????"

    Man.. you are killing us!

    We are due for 12-14 inches of snow and high winds....ack!!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard