Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just talked to Adam's mother to get a little clarification.
Even though they said 'biopsy' they were talking more along the lines of scrapings.
He has had problems with his stomach and intestines for quite some time. They did tests
and ruled out IBS and Crohns.  Now they are thinking possibly food allergies, that's why they
took tissue samples , to test for various possible allergens.
I talked to Adam and he said he didnt cry once, but since they wouldnt let him eat yesterday
he is making his Mom take him to Olive Garden for FOOD !


  1. Quite possible food allergies. As our 4 y/o granddaughter has been diagnosed with lots of them, I have gotten quite an education. Food allergiers can cause dark circles under eyes, stomach upsets, behaviour problems, fatigue, inability to concentrate, etc etc etc. She is allergic to gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats), eggs, dairy, tomatoes, chocolate, peanuts, apples. When taken off these, there is a marked improvement.

    If Adam is tested and prove positive of such allergies, get educated!

  2. The medical profession is our friend and will take care of us! I have to keep telling myself this over and over!
    But when it is your grandkids that they are working on, it is just more than you can take!

    I am so relieved that Adam will be OK and perhaps they can decide how to proceed with foods in the future.


  3. Oh Sam, I know you must have been so worried about Adam, especially being so far away. This last post sounds more encouraging that it isn't going to be anything extremely serious - thank goodness.

    Shame on Riggs for stealing those treats. I guess he might be misbehaving because he is having separation anxiety without you being there.

    Glad to read that you finally have a departure date in the not too distant future. Guess you'll be singing "I'll be home for Christmas" now.

  4. Whew, I'm glad that it's not cancer, etc. Food allergies, hopefully, will be something that you all will be able to deal with.

  5. I had my head stuck in some artwork I was doing today, so I missed your first post about Adam...I was confused when I read your update...sorry I missed the one about him, but I did read it. I am sooooo glad he will be OK, but I'm darn sure you will be glad to give him a big bear hug from Grampa....Finally, you can get back where you belong...

  6. Hi,
    Sorry about Adam...

    I am 51 and I am coeliac, that means that I am allergic to gluten. In 1996 I weigh only 67 pounds, now I am a BIG 95 pounds and feel great! I was very sick and very weak.

    If Adam has this, he will feel much better in no time. Better to know now than later.

    Take care.

  7. If it's food allergies you might want to keep an eye on those yummy Sam pizzas:))Adam did well.

  8. Here's hoping that Adams's problem is easily manageable. Good luck and be safe on your return trip....Riggs is waiting!

  9. I was just trying to catch up on your blogs and the first thing I see is an update on Adam. I don't know exactly what his symptoms are but the little bit I have seen may be what Phyllis suggested, gluten allergies.

    This is what I myself have found I have. It can take many different forms with everybody. Nobody will have the exact same symptoms. Our daughter has it as well. She had a lot of stomach cramping, I have also had some stomach cramping but with me it had more to do with "my morning duties" in the bathroom that wouldn't stop. I ended up losing a fair bit of weight over a few months. Now that I am on a gluten free diet, I really notice a difference and have started gaining weight back. I am sure the doctor's will take a look at that, but it may not hurt to mention it anyway.

    Hope his is doing better.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. So good Wendy's Dr. is happy with her progress. Not much time left to see that everything is in good order for her.

    5 Days and you can hit the road. Or is it 6 days, time zones confusing me. At last you Can see how things are at home for yourself.

    By the time you get home Adam should have his results and you will see Sadie and Riggs will be Riggs. I wonder what treat Donna will have for you. *haha!*

    I hope Andy's hand is OK. I wouldn't like to wrestle Riggs.

  11. No kid likes to have food allergies, but at least they are manageable. Our youngest daughter was allergic to milk and all kinds of foods but things worked out o.k. I hope Adam gets some good news and hopefully finds out he's only allergic to green colored veggies!!

    Great news to hear you can head home on the 15th!!

  12. So glad that Adam's issue is probably just food allergies. I too had not seen your first post today and was relieved to read the second one. I am sure Adam is going to enjoy Olive Garden ~ it is one of my favorite places to go eat; so enjoy their salad & dressing.

    Bad Riggs..no treats for him.

    Happy news about Wendy. Drive safe when you head for home and hope the weather stays good for you.

  13. What a relief!! Take a deep breath and remember you'll be home next week. :)

  14. When you are sick, you can deal with it, but when it is your kids or grandchildren it is so hard! I hope they get to the bottom of Adam's problems and he can get on with being a happy kid!

  15. Sam and Donna..we will put Adam on as many prayer list as we can. My daughter Wendy..her children have had lots of different allergy food problems..once you hit the nail on the head..it seems to make a huge difference!!Good luck!

    Hugs Cindy and Walker

  16. Hope everything works out with Adam. As always, you and your family are in our prayers.

  17. Sounds like good news on Adam. I bet you are 27 different kinds of excited to get home and see everyone. Safe travels Sam!