Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Happenings.

Another typical cold December day, I got to thinking of past Christmas's when the boys were growing up and up until a few years ago. I used to take the tractor and a wagon out just before Thanksgiving and setup up Christmas lights, When the city I worked for stopped putting the decorations on the poles, the Public Works Supervisor gave me, 2 tree's, 2 wreaths, 1 bow, of the variety that hung from the poles, they may not look big on a pole but they are about six feet tall and have a bunch of those old c9 lights on them. I would also decorate the outside of the house with small lights , one year we had 3000 lights out. Sadly This year with me being out of town, and Donna working two jobs the only decorating we got done was the Christmas Tree. But here's a blast from the past of what the Weeb Ranch looked like in years past.


                                House lit up.


The pond is gone now too a victim of high liability insurance now that this isn't zoned as farmland anymore.


                    Our Merry Christmas Tree.

On the far right of the house pictures is the old 5th wheel just the front is showing but the Christmas Bow was attached to the rear to face down the driveway and lights were strung on it on the driveway side. People used to slow down on the the street in front of the house so the kid's could see the display, wish we could do it again.

Hope everyone is ready and enjoying the approaching Holiday's.

Pretty much a laid back and slow day around the house here. Sadie & Rigg's have been playing tug on & off most of the day. they will sleep good tonight.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. great trip dowm memory lane!!..nice work on the lights!..Merry Christmas to you and Donna..and Riggs and Sadie!!

  2. I guess one good thing about limiting the decorations is that it won't take forever to take them down and pack them away.

    We haven't put anything up. There's just John and I and we would have to put it all away on Boxing day as well as a host of other jobs as the house is rented out for the New Year holiday.


  3. Yup, that house sure was lit up. Perhaps again one day when life settles down again.

  4. Have a very Merry Christmas in Dardenne Prairie, Mo this year!!!

    Glad you made it home for the Holidays!

    Rod and Loyce

  5. You know what is the best about these pictures?? It's the fact that you did it , at one point in your lives...and that is something that lasts forever....Great job, Weibels...great job!!!!

  6. Quite the nice house decorations! Must have been cheaper electricity rates back then, Sam.

  7. You must have been a man of great energy Sam to string all those lights years ago. Too bad you had to lose the pond.

  8. Your house looked great. Your tree is very pretty. Merry Christmas to all your family.

  9. I'm thinking your heart is all decorated, so that's all that matters. :)

  10. Holy smokes Sam....You went all out with those lights...and they looked GREAT!