Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Happenings.

Up at the usual 04:30am and the coffee was ready, it was 50 degrees what a change a couple days makes, it might hit 60 so that will be great supposed to  be the same tomorrow although rain is predicted for both days.
Before I forget we have a new follower,KYOTESUE, I sure hope you enjoy life with the Dardenne Prairie gang here. Rigg's & Sadie keep us all hopping..
Got a call from Adam, he wanted to come and spend a few days at our place.Of course Grandpa said sure and to start packing a bag as I was leaving the house when I hung up. I drove out to Warrenton MO. and picked him up and his Mom said he could stay until Sat morning but she had plans for Saturday so I said that's fine he can spend New years Eve with Grandpa cause Grandma has to work.
He says his stomach is feeling better now that he is taking his medicine and he looks better with more color this week.
Andy and Sadie should be home either tonight or in the morning depending how late they arrive back at Samantha's house.
Now the big decision for the night , what is Grandpa going to fix for Adam &  I for supper, maybe I will let him come up with some idea's, Since tomorrow is Friday it won't be pizza ,I will save that for tomorrow.
Not much going on so I will say be safe out there. From Sam & Donna....


  1. Glad Adam is looking and feeling better. :)

  2. Due to poor internet connection, I have not been online much last few weeks. WOndering what the diagnosis was for Adam.

  3. I'll bet you end up having a great New Year's Eve party with Adam! Some of our best New Year's Eve's were the many years our granddaughter Jessica would come to our house and stay over.

  4. enjoy the time with Adam!..Happy New Year!!!

  5. Sure glad Adam is feeling better. When I let my grandkids decide what to make for supper, mac and cheese was always the first thing they would say.

  6. Happy New Year, Sam and Donna, mutzos, kids and grandkids!!!!