Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, December 10, 2010


Another cold morning outside, don’t see many birds here in the winter and the ones you do have insulated jackets on. My first thought is I want to thank all of my friends out there that responded to my post about Adam. God Bless all of you and keep watch over you and your families.

I think of my whole life how I used to go to work and get in that patrol car and be the one that everyone would turn to when something happened and they didn’t know what to do or where to turn, I never gave much thought to being the one who had to be in control no matter what. It just was the way it was and we got the job done.

Then I think of yesterday morning and getting that first text message and seeing the picture of Adam in his hospital bed. I can’t describe the feeling of  fear and helplessness and not knowing  what was going on with him but knowing I was so far away and there was no way to get to his side. I hope I never have that feeling again, it is not good to be scared, I never wanted to live my life in fear of anything.

Well that said, I am relieved with the way the day turned out and now I am looking forward to wrapping things up here, Wendy asked for one more project, when she was in her Hospital bed I had to raise her 42 inch flat screen TV and put a large laundry basket on her TV table and the TV on top of it so she could watch TV laying in bed. Now she likes the screen being higher and the basket is surely a temporary measure, so she bought a mount to put on the table that will raise the TV several feet, it will also allow it swivel left or right. Since it is a 42 inch and weighs about 70 lbs. I will have to have help lifting it onto the table when I install the mount. I assembled the mounting bracket today,so as soon as I get a helper to lift that project will be complete, and I can check it off the list.

No pictures today just visualize solid grey and that is what Scranton looks like, I don’t even want to think this but the forecast says snow showers and that’s exactly the way the sky’s look.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

PS. Rigg’s and Sadie, be good, your presents are in the truck and I will be home next week. Your Dad….& Grandpa…


  1. At least the TV project will keep your mind off home and make the time pass faster....and it will make your sis a "happy camper"...

  2. There are just some things in life that we have no control over. Set your mind now on controlling that TV! :)

  3. hang in there Sam..you will be home soon!!

  4. Good to know everything is still going smoothly for all and you can be home next week. Hope that snow stays away too...

  5. By this time next week Sam, you should be back home! What a great thought!

  6. Just got all caught up on your lastest posts. Hope Adam is continuing to do better, and that they can find out what his problem is quickly.

    Glad to hear that Wendy is doing so much better and that you should be able to leave on the 15th as you had hoped. I am sure everyone at home is looking forward to your return, but I am sure Wendy will miss your company.

    Take care.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)