Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Mumblings.

Another cold morning in the 20’s today, Didn’t do much, last night I carried the bag with Wendy’s Christmas tree in it up from the basement, I then assembled it in front of the front window, Now I know why the one I have at home gets covered and protected from dust and stored with all the lights and decorations on it each year. There must be a thousand pieces to a Christmas tree, anyway, it got assembled and then Michelle and her Mom came over but they couldn’t find a special electric cord so they decided to wait till today to start decorating it. This morning I had to go to K-Mart where my sister had called and they had what she was looking for. so I was told to go and pick it up at the service desk. K-Mart is about 15 miles down the interstate in Moosic PA.

Got back and  you guessed it, it was not the right one, it wasn’t even the green color that I didn’t know it was supposed to be or I would have noticed something was wrong. The only thing that made it not a complete bust was a saw a display with SanDisk 4gig USB flash drives for $11.99 so since I needed one for the pictures I have been taking. That was a good deal.

I did however go down in the basement and went through some totes and found the cord that Wendy used last year so I didn’t have to make another trip.

I spent about an hour cataloging and putting the pictures on the flash drive in folders so I can transfer them when I get home to my backup picture hard drive.

I like doing it this way as it got about 3 gigs of space back off the laptop and after defragging I regained my normal speed again.

I want to thank everyone for their concern about Wendy’s recovery, she is going upstairs, every night and sleeping in her own bed, and getting around the 1st floor on her walker, but she still hasn’t had instructions on how to use the therapy machine. She is still pretty much confined to the 1st floor during the day which means she can’t go upstairs to the bathroom yet and must use the potty, so the nurse’s duties remain, as she could not carry that up to be emptied.

I am just waiting to see what the doctor says on Thursday, but I don’t want my hopes to high as, I will have to stay until she is capable of several trips up and down each day to meet her needs.

Donna received word that her brother Pat’s wife Kathy in Cincinnati has some sort of mass on carotid artery that is putting pressure on her vocal cords and she can not speak. She is fighting Breast cancer and her doctor said they are going to do a biopsy and see if it can be removed. It is either an extension of the cancer, a new cancer, or a severe infection. We are of course all praying for the last option. Boy what a year, Cancer had been a dirty word in this family, Please include her in your prayers.

I want everyone in MO, Donna, Andy, Adam, Samantha, Rigg’s & Sadie that I miss you all a bunch and yes I am anxious to get home and see all of you.

That’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Oh my....I totally understand your hate of the word Cancer..It has stricken and taken many in our family...Our prayers are with Kathy and your family...
    Keep the faith...Soon you will be reunited with Donna and your family...and won't that be a GRAND thing!!!!

  2. Sam and Donna, I'm so sorry to hear the news about your sister-in-law Kathy. I'm praying for her!

  3. Glad to know that Wendy is able to get around somewhat now. So sorry to hear about Kathy. Hang in there Sam, hopefully you'll be able to get back home to Donna and Riggs soon.

  4. Sam, My thoughts are with you and your family. Hang in there. :)

  5. Our thoughts are with Kathy and hoping that the tests turn out to be o.k. Your family has certainly had more than its share of medical problems this year.

    Here's hoping Wendy continues to make progress and that you are soon able to make it home for Christmas.

  6. Cancer is a bad word!...so sorry to hear it once again!..take care..have fun decorating the tree..soon you will be home again..back with Donna and the dogs!!

  7. Sorry to hear about Donna's sister-in-law. I hope for the very best recovery for her. You are sure handy Sam. You can do everything! Can't wait to hear what you're up to next!

  8. Waiting to hear the good news that Wendy is better capable to take care of herself and that you are headed HOME!