Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Musings.

Looked at the weather for Scranton & Dardenne Prairie as I was having my coffee this morning I was surprised to see a temperature of 61 degree’s in Scranton with rain, and 27 degree’s with rain in Dardenne Prairie, boy the cold front the rest of the country is getting must have missed the east coast. But it is coming, supposed to drop to 26 tonight and a high of 37 tomorrow,so I guess the party is over.

I have mentioned in the past about bald eagles wintering near our home in MO on the Mississippi River, and also about hawks that inhabit the Dardenne Prairie area, not as many as when it was all farmland, but there is still a lot of undeveloped prairie land within a couple of miles near I-65. & Hwy N. Anyway it looks like Sadie had a close call with something, I got an e-mail from Rigg’s and here, I will share it with you.


I heard Andy tell Mom that I'm a Hero.  Isn't  that cool !.   Yesterday Andy put Sadie out. It was really cold so he stayed at back door and watched.  All of a sudden he opened door and  yelled 'Sadie come !" . well she didn’t she ran further out, just jumping and playing around.  Andy looked up and saw a big big eagle or hawk circling and circling. Sadie wouldn’t come, so he opened the door and yelled "Riggins go get Sadie"......out I ran full speed.

Andy said that big bird took one look at big ol' me and off it went.  See Sadie just cause I steal your toys and knock you over doesn’t mean I don't love and protect you .

Well, Riggs after hearing the story I'm glad you are my big brother.  I thought Dad just wanted to play, that's why I thought he was calling me and started out after me.  I know I'm little, but I'm fast, I can zig, I can zag. And yes I do get mad when you take MY toys.

  Your Mom tried to play w/ both of us the other day, me with my toys and you with yours....you just kept stealing my toys even though your Mom kept telling you no Riggs those are Sadie's.

And I was sound asleep on your Mom's lap when all of a sudden I hear her yell No Riggs you are going to crush her and I was rudely grabbed and put behind your Mom's back while you jumped on her lap.  You can't curl up and sleep on her lap so what’s the point ?  You jump on her bed and curl up there and I don’t.  But thanks for saving me from that bird, guess you do love me.

Well Sadie, it’s look’s to Grandpa that you can be glad your Dad and Rigg’s were there to help you, I know from the time another dog bit him that Rigg’s can be brave and ferocious when he has to. Your really lucky to have a big brother like him, maybe the toy stealing is his way to show some of his love for his little sister. And Rigg’s has been trying to get on his Mom’s lap since he was as small as you. Still hasn’t realized he is a hundred pounds yet. You just keep and eye on the sky like Grandpa’s told Rigg’s and if you see a big bird head for the door as fast as you can. I want you to be safe , for when I come home soon.

Rigg’s you did a great job, just like I knew you would, I am proud of you just like Mom & Andy are. I hope I will be home soon and their will be hugs and tummy rub’s all around. And maybe a taste of the foam too.

Wow what a scary story, when I was the Chief at Lake Sherwood I saw a female Bald Eagle take a small dog off the frozen lake. It was not a pretty sight, it swooped in like a fighter plane and that poor dog must have been killed as soon as those huge talons gripped it and off the eagle went to carry it home, just a stain on the ice to record what took place in an instant. Keep an eye on your small pets if you live in an area that is rural. The danger is real.

Not much doing today, I think I will make some polish sausage and kraut for supper with mashed potatoes, I don’t plan on having the truck turn a wheel unless something unexpected comes up. For the rest of you guys out there, I hope the cold front passes and you get the warm weather your looking for, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..



  1. Scary indeed.

    Kraut, mashed potatoes and sausage. Sounds REALLY good to me. However, my Cajun hubby hates sauerkraut. Once in a while I buy one of those very small cans and put on my hot dogs. Oh my, just thinking of what you are cooking makes me jealous!

  2. That Sadie and Riggs. They're always into something! I love the sausage, kraut, potatoes dinner! Yum!

  3. Sausage and kraut with potatoes sounds scrumptious. Ron is not a big fan of kraut but has eaten the last two times it has been fixed for him....maybe I will check out a recipe for later in the week.

    Glad Riggs was there to protect Sadie.