Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Happenings.

As you know from yesterday's blog, I made it home to Dardenne Prairie at about 07:00PM, Donna was at the restaurant working, but she got off early and came home at 09:00PM by that time I was worn out from playing with Rigg's and I sat and talked, had two beers and went to bed, Got up about 05:00AM to find out Donna had taken the day off to take Rigg's to Vet, she said he is having some throat discomfort after eating and she thinks he may have scratched himself chewing on wood. Later she asked if I wanted breakfast and I said sure, that way I could chase her around the cook station with the pancake flipper.
Rigg's appointment was for 10:00am so Andy my son and her took Rigg's and I went to the grocery store. They came home and the vet took x-rays and couldn't see anything just by looking so a specialist will have to look at the x-rays, The vet staff said next time he needs x-rays they will have to tranquilize him because he is so big and strong the three people in the office couldn't keep him still.
So for $250 we will have to wait, although he doesn't appear uncomfortable only until after he eats, other than that he's his normal full speed ahead Rigg's.
By about 03:00PM I was suffering from Duramax Lag so I took a nap. I am glad I'm home but that 15 hour drive is a killer, I have to say I wasn't tired or in danger of falling asleep, but I am paying for it today.
Adam has called twice and he is out of school  because of icing road conditions, he wanted me to come out and pick him up tonight but I told him I would wait and be out at 09:00AM in the morning, at least then you can see the icy patches of highway. Right after I told him that Donna called and said the highway I-70 was closed due to icing. So I am glad I made the right choice.
Boy did I time that trip right, between 7PM when it started to sleet as I was arriving home and 9PM when Donna came home the roads were trash, Donna said she almost slid off the driveway coming in off the street.
Sadie is still afraid of Grandpa today. Donna says she is very skittish around men. She is a Yorkie. I think I noticed a little improvement as she allowed Donna to put her in my arms and reluctantly let me hold her and pet her for a short time. But as soon as she jumped down she barked at me. Rigg's must think it is hilarious, he's just tickled to have his Dad home and wherever I am he is right next to me even laying on the floor next to the chair while I type this.
Thank you all so much for your good wishes on my cross country trip. I am sure I had some Divine guidance and was watched over. There is one thing for sure, I love my little sister dearly and would do anything I had to to help her. But there is no place like home. Even when you get there in an ice storm.
That's about it for today,I still have a full day's worth of blog reading from my travel day and today to catch up on so I will be behind for a day. Be safe out there, Donna & I send our Love & Prayers to all of you.


  1. I am having real difficulties keeping an Internet connection so I will make this short and hope I can send it off.

    I am so glad that the first thing I've been able to read about my blogging friends is that you are HOME! Safe and Sound!

  2. I sure wish you would sell that house and head out for warmer weather! After driving that far by yourself, no wonder you are tired. In a day or two though you'll be back to normal. I'm sure Sadie will learn to love you just like Riggs does. Sadie doesn't look like a Yorkie to me - are you sure that is her breed?

  3. San, chase her around the kitchen with the pancake flipper?? TMI! :)

  4. I sure hope Rigg's x-rays turn out o.k. I'm the same as you for driving as I can drive a lot of hours, but after I stop, then it hits me all at once. Take it easy for a few days and rest up.

  5. We're so happy you made it home and beat the storms! And Riggs sure must be beside himself to have you back! Get rested up and we look forward to reading about your next adventures.
    Oh yeah....have fun with that grandson!

  6. I could tell by the picture of you and Riggs yesterday that he wasn't going to let you out of his sight. Little dogs are harder to get close to. Our little Rusty is the opposite; he seems to like men the best.

  7. A pocket full of dog treats will make you and instant friend for Sadie! She will smell them instantly, but I'm not sure how Riggs will react when his dad smells like he could eat him at any minute!