Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Thoughts.

It got cold just as predicted with the temp tight at 26 when I got up supposed to reach 36 is all today,Boy was it cold it had rained and sleeted last night and the tailgate and hard cover on the bed of my pickup was frozen shut. This morning my cousin Sam Genett came by and we went to move my brother Wayne’s Harley from his old apartment building to a storage unit. as luck would have it the key wouldn’t work for the door so we will have to go back tomorrow when the maintenance guy can meet us and either use his key or remove the lock.

Wendy got a call that they would be delivering her therapy machine, tomorrow, this is great news as she is getting around the first floor better and with the machine it should help her build up the strength to start up the stairs soon, when that occurs, I won’t be needed here anymore.

My Cousin Sam & I are going to put a handrail on the wall going up to the second floor. That’s something that is common today, but 100 years ago wasn’t thought of when the house was built.

Haven’t heard from Mo since the other day so I guess thee isn’t anymore excitement with Rigg’s & Sadie.

Can anyone remember this..


“Your going to the Moon Alice”

Wendy got a call from one of her girlfriend’s that went to High School with me, No not an old girlfriend , but she did date my brother for awhile. Marylyn Bacsiao, she wants to have dinner tonight with us and Wendy says she is up to using her walker and not the wheel chair so we will go out tonight, this is only the second time for a sit down restaurant since I came out here so it will be nice get out and have a cocktail, dinner an catch up on 45 years of life. I’m sure she will tell me how much I look like my brother Rick but I am getting used to it. As fate would have it right after Rick died, Marylyn’s brother Bob passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Life is truly short.

Have to get ready for dinner, then we’ll have the band put on a little Traveling Music, and away we’ll go.. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Have a great dinner out tonight, Sam!

    The Honeymooners! One of my all-time favourite TV shows!

  2. I remember, but I didn't know he really sent her to the moon! We used to watch that show when I was a kid.

    Have a nice dinner tonight. :)

  3. Ha Ha! Love the comic. To the moon, indeed, Alice! :)

  4. Your getting a lot closer to the day you can return to MO!

  5. to the moon Alice..to the moon!!..love that show..it was a Saturday night regular at our house!!

  6. Awww yes, The Honeymooners. We always watched the Jackie Gleason show years ago. Love the theme & have it in my music library here. Sure seemed like a simpler world back then didn't it.....

  7. Hope you are having a good evening out on the town and getting caught up with your classmate.

    Glad to hear the machine is finally getting delivered. Good luck to Wendy as she begins using it.

  8. Loved the cartoon. I remember watching and laughing at Jackie Gleason, even as a kid.

  9. You be safe out there too Sam. Sounds like the makings for some icy roads! I love going to a resturant when I've not been in a while. It feels so special. Have fun! Life is truly too short to waste a second.