Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, December 3, 2010


Well it was another cold sunny day, my Cousin Sam and I went to my brother Wayne’s old apartment, to pick up his bike and take it to his storage shed. First the battery was dead and it would not jump start. so we towed it to start it behind the truck. Then we got to the storage shed and found out the one we had it wouldn’t fit in so we went to the office to get a larger one, no one was there so I called the number on the office door and explained the problem, and the man said he was over an hour away but would be in. Since my cousin had to go to work he couldn’t wait an hour so I had to take him to his truck, and then when I got back I decided to check to see if  the bike would start, it just barely did, so I thought well I have 45 minutes to wait I will take this Harley for a ride and see how it runs. I haven’t road a Harley since I sold mine about 8 years ago but it’s like flying & driving, you never forget. I don’t know what year it is but it is an electric start Sportster with the 1000 engine and no kicker. My last Sportster ride was a 67 900 CH with just a kicker and no electric start.I also owned a 1980 FLT dresser, that I bought all the FLHT front end accesories for, so I could ride it with either the fairing, or the police style windshield. This bike is definitely a go fast bike, it will shoot you up to 70 in no time. Since it was only 34 degree’s out and I had a pair of levis, tennis shoes and a nylon jacket I only made one fast pass and then putted around at 25 mph and still froze. I don’t see another Harley in my immediate future.
                     Wayne’s Harley.
As soon as I got back the fella with the key showed up and I transferred the stuff and the bike into the new shed and was done.
Got and E-Mail from Rigg’s , looks like he is being his normal self.
Hi Dad.
Dad, Mom called me a jelly belly....now I thought I kept myself in pretty good shape, lots of muscle so how can I have a jelly belly?
It means what?  Jealous? Who me ?
You know how when Mom comes home she always asks if I've been good,and then I get a treat?
Well of course now its 2 of us.  And you know the rule, I have to sit. Well I sat right down and got my treat.
But Sadie just wouldn’t sit, and Mom wont give her the treat if she doesn’t.  There I am sitting and sitting, so I figured that she didn’t want the treat, so I took my paw to show her where the treat was, honestly I didn’t deliberately hit Mom's hand so the treat flew into my mouth.  But guess what, Sadie sat then!
Later when Mom was bending over I thought she might lose her balance and fall on poor Sadie, that's why I put my nose under her tummy and tossed her into the air, didn’t think she'd fly that far, but hey she landed on her feet, is she part cat?  Even Andy had to laugh.  And I really wasn’t trying to push Mom down, I was worried she'd step on Sadie while she was petting me I didn’t think she saw Sadie.
Well, Dad that's about it for now, but you can see I am NOT a jelly belly.
In spite of this I did receive a picture of Rigg’s and Sadie being good. At the same time, will wonders ever cease.
There good when napping.
Wendy got her machine today from Fed Ex, but she will have to have the therapist stop by and show her how to use it. I will probably start in the morning on installing handrails on the stairs up to the second floor, since Wendy is vertically challenged at 4ft. 9 in. tall I will install them to her stature to make it easier for her.
Well that’s about it for now, don’t know what the weekend will bring. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. That is a nice looking bike you got there!
    cyndi Budhi

  2. I have been wondering if you were able to get home yet.. Hope Wendy is doing ok. I read so many blogs; I don't have time to go back and read everything I have missed, but see you are still with Wendy. Very cute note from Riggs.

  3. Nice looking Harley, too bad it was so cold, it might have been nice to go for a longer spin! Riggs and Sadie sure look comfy on that bed. It looks like they've really settled in together.

    Good luck with the handrails!

  4. Het mister! Isn't it pizza night??
    Love the bike!


  6. Funny, I never imagined you on a Harley Sam. Would like to have seen a picture of you riding. WooHoo... That Riggs! He is always one step ahead. Tell him he'll be a success at keeping everyone on their toes yet!

  7. Once a Harley guy, then always...well maybe not, but like you said, you don't forget how to ride.... ever!