Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Musings.

Up early and had coffee with Donna, then she was off to the truck company, tonight is also a restaurant night, so it will be late before she get's home, Made a run to the Shop & Save  to get a list of what we needed for Our traditional Christmas Dinner, Donna makes a special Lasagna about 4 or 5 inches thick, I can't wait, I will have to have a picture for the blog.

When I got home I caught Sadie being a brat on the camera.



Caught in the act of stealing food and water from Rigg's big dish.

She has her own dishes but like any little kid she likes what Rigg's has better. Luckily Rigg's is tolerant and forgiving of his little sister.

Andy got called out for a job today so I have the house to myself. I don't plan on any more errands as it it really cold again.

I think I will just sit around and watch a train movie and get a nap.

Hope everyone else has a lazy day and get's some quality time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. A train movie suggestion..."Murder On The Orient Express"...it's old but good, kinda like us Seniors...I look forward to the lasagna!(and your pizza, of course.)

  2. Well, I think I would much prefer a train movie to a brain movie somedays. Did you know a train in Spain travels mainly on the plane:)) Well, maybe it doesn't but at least the words rhyme. Can you tell I'm having a slow day here Sam......

  3. Do you have RFD tv? They have real train movies, like you and I would take at a local crossing.

  4. Sadie's learning fast! An old movie sounds pretty good for a quiet night. Enjoy!

  5. So cute, Sadie climbing up to get to Riggs' food and water. They really ARE like little kids, arent't they? Enjoy your movie!

  6. Hey Sam, Sounds like a good day! Ever watched "Throw Mama from the Train"? Its a funny movie with Danny DeVito. Stay warm and cozy...Happy Holidays. (Can't wait to see that lasagna!)

  7. What's this I hear about a 5 inch lasagna?? Nobody likes a show off, Sam. ;P.

  8. I love those lazy days. We are due for another one. I'm thinking the week between Christmas and New Year's eve would do nicely. Merry Christmas.