Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Another great day and the temperature got into the forties today, the snow is melting, but now they are saying more snow Thursday & Christmas Eve. Had our morning coffee together and wouldn't you know it on it's third morning the new coffee maker quit. we still had the old cheapo in the kitchen from the trailer so all wasn't lost, I had not even thrown the box away yet so we boxed it up and Donna is returning it on her way home from work. You would think you would get more than two mornings out of it, the clock was lit up but no heat to boil the water or heat the burner.

I realized too, that my truck is due by the end of the month for it's license sticker, all trucks over 18000 lbs in MO have to register each Dec. and expire on the 31st. They also only have one year registration. If I didn't pull the 5th wheel I could get a 6000, or a 12000 lb plate and those can be renewed for two years. The fee this year was $66. I took it to the tire dealer and he gave me a 10:00AM appointment for the safety inspection ($12), Because it's a diesel it is exempt from Emission's Testing.  Then I took my insurance card and property tax statement to the license office (DMV) and wonder of wonders I was the only one there. Walked in and ten minutes later walked out put the sticker on the front plate and I am good to go for another year.

Had to stop at Radio Shack and get a battery for one of the cordless phones. How is it you can buy a set with two Uniden phones from Big Lot's for $29.99 and then when they need a battery in a couple years, the battery is $16. Sounds like a lot but what else to do.

I must be getting miserly in my old age , but Donna & I both like to try and save where we can.

Not much going on, I am waiting for Donna to get home and we will grill some burger's and have some baked beans and a vegetable for our supper.

Hope you are all fine, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...


  1. It's your lucky day when you can walk into a DMV anywhere in the world and get someone to wait on you immediately! I hope you bought a lottery ticket.

  2. My F150 is registered in Missouri at our lake address. I have the 12 thousand license on it since I only pulled a travel trailer. It weighs 5750 empty, so even with a tank of gas and the two of us in it, it would be over 6 thousand. Not sure why they even have that license. It is due this year as well, but will have to wait until we get back to KC. I think I can get it before March 31, and it does qualify for the 2 year license. Don't know about the smog stuff though. I know it needs inspected as well. Where Mo gets you is in the personal property taxes that are separate on your vehicles. The tag seems cheap until the end of the year when the taxes are due!!

  3. Too bad about your new coffee maker. It's annoying when a brand new appliance quits like that.

    Dinner sure sounded good to me though!

  4. Being Frugal myself, I can appreciate anyone trying to save money. You surely lucked out getting your new stickers. Sometimes in Indiana, its an all day thing...

  5. I hear you about the telephone battery. They are like computer printers. The printer itself is cheap...but just wait till you need ink for it.