Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Mumblings.

Up early and had coffee with Donna, the coffee maker shot craps, so I  went out to the trailer over Donna's objections about how icy it still was, Sheesh am I getting to be an old man or something, anyway I glanced at the inside, out side thermometer  in the trailer and it was registering an equal 23 degree's, so I hope all is well winterized. Brought the coffee maker in and we were back in the coffee business. Donna started into cookie baking at 06:00AM and said she would bake today and tomorrow in the morning. I had to wait awhile but a batch of sugar free came out before long so I could munch a couple. We have a house full of kid's for the weekend, Samantha called and asked if she could bring her son & daughter over, Of course I said sure the more the merrier, so we made two pizza's instead of one, boy the kid's loved that new crust. Adam ate three really large piece's, the same as Grandpa did.



Nicole & Rigg's playing, Don't you love her jammie's.


While Nicole was busy with Rigg's, Adam & Chris had the XBOX controller's red hot.

Who know these two guys could be future grandkids one of these days the boys are the same age and Nicole is a year younger. But she keeps up with them without any trouble.

Andy & Samantha are taking the three kids to a show today and then afterwards they want to drive around and look at Christmas Light's, sounds like a great way to spend a weekend together. Andy & Adam did some more work on the birdhouse project, painting it, now it will sit and then be decaled and clear coated tomorrow. Then I will put a picture in the blog, he is so proud of it.

I hope to get the cookie baker captured for the blog also, she says she looks better on Sundays than Saturdays. I never worry about it, what you see is what you get. Beauty is in the mind of the beer holder anyway.

Sadie is still being standoffish, but she is getting more curious as she see's Rigg's playing with me, I'll give her a couple more days she didn't bark at me as much today.

Not much else, You all be safe out there. Sam & Donna...


  1. Sadie is taking her time to warm up huh? That's funny!! She'll come around.

  2. Hey Sam, are you wearing that Santa cap around Sadie? I know that our Rylie will bark at anyone who wears any kind of a hat!

  3. Love the saying "in the eyes of the beer holder". Never heard that before. It is really cute. The boys look like they play well together. That is a good thing.

  4. I can NOT imagine opening a blog post of yours and you guys NOT having coffee! So glad you were able to borrow the one from the camper. Now don't forget to replace it???

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Has Donna seen any pics of this Donna in her many "ensembles"...and the gut wrenching close ups??? She has NOTHING to worry about...You are sooooo right about beauty...and the beer holder..That's why McGuyver and I get along so well...Sounds like a full weekend for you!!! Stay warm...and don't eat too many cookies!!!:)

  6. What a house full. It's great being with family this time of year. Merry Christmas!!