Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Mumblings.

We were up early and had our coffee together, Donna headed for the truck company and I relaxed, Before I forget I has some calls and an few e-mails from people concerned about if the Weeb Ranch got any damage and were we all right. Thankfully for Dardenne Prairie it is located across the state from Joplin and we were spared any tornadoes this time around, Our hearts and prayers go out for the families of the over 100 that lost their lives. Today just before noon we did have some wild weather though, the sirens went off, and we had high winds, hail, thunder, lightening and soaking rain, the power went off and stayed off until almost 03:00PM. Our guests Len & Phyllis arrived back fro their trip out east just 5 minutes after the power was restored. They do have a generator on their Fiver.
Donna should be home about 04:15PM, so I don’t know what plans are yet for dinner, I told our guests I would let them know between 05:00 and 05:30PM, so they could get a couple hours rest after flying in from Baltimore.
Boy Lucky was happy his Mom & Dad are back.
Donna took a vacation day from work for tomorrow so we are hoping for some sightseeing with Phyllis and Len before they head out on Wednesday morning.
What were Sadie and Rigg’s doing during the storm, with loud thunder and lightening and howling winds.
In their storm shelter right next to Dad’s chair.
Neither one likes storms so they crash next to me where thy feel safe.
Oh where did Donna & I go last night for a nice cozy dinner for two in an nice romantic setting, The Olive Garden, one of both of our favorites, no pictures, sorry we didn’t bring a camera.
That’s about it for now, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. yup, here we sit in your side yard. Donna just pulled in. Lucky is watching out the window and making an all around nuisance of himself.

    Len is on his puter playing spider solitaire. Feels good to be in own home and driving own vehicle.

    See you in a while!

  2. John and I enjoy the Olive Garden too. Glad to know you and the fam are okay. Take care and have fun with your visitors.

  3. We did think about you and Donna with all the storms, but knew you were not close to Joplin...Olive
    Garden, eh???.Did you do the Lady and the Tramp scene with some spaghetti??? Sam, you ol' devil..

  4. I am so glad you guys were safe from those terrible storms! Very sad and scary stuff.
    Mike and I love the Olive Garden...nice choice. Hope you two enjoyed your night out together!! :-)

    Stay safe!!

  5. Glad to hear you didn't get hit by those terrible tornadoes! Hope it stays safe there for all of you - including Phyllis and Len.

    Good choice on the Olive Garden for dinner - always good!

    Riggs and Sadie don't seem to look too worried about the bad weather.

  6. glad you are all safe and sound..and full from a great dinner at the Olive Garden!..love that place..especially the salad!!

  7. I think that same storm came ripping through our place this afternoon. Intense, but short lived!!

  8. When I saw the devastation in Joplin I was thinking of you. I didn't have a map near by so I wasn't sure how close that was to you, but I was pretty sure you lived quite a bit further away. Glad you and the Weeb Ranch are safe.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Glad you are ok. I was worried about you.