Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Not much to report from the Weeb Ranch today, Donna & I were up and had our coffee at 05:30AM she is off today but will go in to the restaurant at 04:00PM.Then tomorrow is her full day off. We just stayed around the house, Donna is baking a huge caked for the Graduation Party we are going to tomorrow afternoon. One of the girls that used to work with her has a daughter graduating. I always enjoy seeing the young people enjoy themselves and I know Donna & I will enjoy the party and maybe have a dance or two or three.
About the only thing I got accomplished today was wrestling a new bag into the sweeper. you would think they could come up with a simple drop the old one out and put the old in  and close the door, but no you have to put the bag on a round pipe that is just a little to big for the hole so it becomes a wrestling match.
It was another one of those grey cool days again today the temperature finally reached 70 degrees about 03:00PM but it looks like it could ran at any time, Last year the Holiday weekend was sunny and in the 90’s.
Since it is Memorial Weekend here is a little tribute and a Thanks to all the Veterans out there from the Weeb Ranch.
Defenders of Freedom
Anyone that has been to the Wall in Washington DC, especially if they grew up during the Viet Nam era. Knows what an emotional experience it is, seeing the names of kid’s you went to school with, guys from your squadron that you served with, a neighbor kid from down the street. All who never got the chance to grow up and be parents and experience the life us old timers grow to take for granted. Thanks God for giving us all these brave Men & Women.
Ah, this is enough for me for today, Everyone have a great holiday and Just be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I was fortunate in that no one I knew was killed in the Vietman conflict. But when we toured the wall in DC we found the name of Leonards' brother's wife's brother. Very moving.

    It is warm here today. Up to 90 and humid, but after all this is Louisiana in May.

  2. Thank you for your tribute to all our brave service men and women.

  3. Sam thank you and all veterans for their service.

  4. I often wonder how things would have been, had we not lost all those brave souls that are listed on the wall......

  5. Beautiful tribute, Sam. Have a great week end.

  6. Our little town of Sandwich lost about 5 or 6 kids..most I knew. Great idea to make a tribute in photos...We will go see Uncle Jr. tomorrow and thank him in person..We'll be in touch about our visit..McGuyver is icing down a High Life for ya..