Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Donna & I were up at 04:00AM and at 04:30AM we had coffee with Phyllis & Len, they only had time for one cup as the wanted to leave for the airport at 06:00AM so the would be there in time for security for their 07:30 AM flight, to Baltimore. They will drive from there to New Jersey.
Had several inquiries as to how Rigg’s and Sadie would get along with Lucky the cat. The original plan was to board him at a kennel,  but when Phyllis called they said they needed a copy of his rabies shots and when she got it out , she noticed that instead of the 3 year shot she thought he got he had only been given a one year shot so his tag is expired. No Kennel will board him. So Donna and I said if he can stay in the trailer we will go down several times a day and check on him and take him out for some exercise on his leash. Of course his litter box will have to be cleaned daily so the RV doesn’t smell bad.
As far as visiting with Rigg’s and Sadie we decided since neither of them have ever had any contact with a cat it might not be a good idea. The only cat Rigg’s has ever seen is a feral cat about 30 or 40 lbs that lives in our wood pile in the back yard, It must be a proficient hunter because it is fat and well fed looking I know it’s made a home there for two years because that’s how long I have seen him on the property.  It is black with white boots, but is steers a wide birth of humans and Rigg’s when he is on his run. I’ve seen Rigg’s give it chase until he runs out of lead, but he never got close and the cat was heading south.
Today was a copy of yesterday Cold, and rain, I felt sorry for Adam this morning, Nicole wasn’t here and his buddy Brandon that lives behind us was gone for the day, He played xbox for awhile, but Adam prefers playing outside to sitting in front of the TV. About noon his Mom called and said one of her friends was there and brought her son over, So I took him home so he could play with his friend there.
Hi Mom & Dad, I got some new friends, I am doing great, Hope you guys are having fun in Jersey.
Hey Dad this is Sam he’s a cool Dude.
             This is Donna she cute like Mom..
Well Mike it looks like we have a cat friend too. Lucky sure loves getting attention and company.
That’s about it for today, be safe out there.
Sam & Donna…


  1. I know some folks say cats, unlike dogs, are aloof and independent. Not in my lifetime! Cats are loving, huggy, and sometimes as needy as any dog. Especially when they get left alone. So nice that you are good company for this sweet kitty.

  2. My cat Junebug loves dogs and is a cuddle bug too... OMG love that gray. My color choice for any cat. I can see kitty is getting lots of attention - that's wonderful!!


  3. As usual, you and Donna are in line for Sainthood...just sayin'.

  4. great of you and Donna to look after Lucky!!..she is a cutie that is for sure!!!

  5. Nice of you and Donna to volunteer to look after Lucky! It's sure a lot better than spending time in a kennel as far as I'm concerned.

  6. Lucky is such a sweet looking cat. Very similar in colour to our cat Molly. She lives with Kevin's sister now as she wouldn't have liked the RV life. She will be 19 on July 1. That feral cat must e huge as Whiskey is only about 20lbs and she is almost considered a medium sized dog.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Just quickly checking in from NJ. Yup, you are spoiling our boy. Not enough time to blog yet. One y/o and4 y/o's can really take up the time.

  8. Beautiful cat. His owners are "Lucky" you are there to take care of him... :)

  9. Ha ha,kinda looks like you are enjoying ole Lucky about as much as he is you.... My cat will not let you hold or hug her,,she is a loving cat, but on her terms only.... She will siy on your lap, but you better not hug her,,,Lucky is a Very pretty cat...good thing I'm not closer, I might katnap hime!!! Mega2 needs a friend,,,but Ms Pat say;s O No! Enjoy!!

  10. Sam, I just informed Noah that you are cheating on him. I told him you have a new cat that you are friends with. LOL he seems hurt. Love ya Wendy