Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Notes.

Today was a cool but sunny day which turned out good since the ground looks like it is drying up slowly maybe by Friday I can make another couple passes on the lawn, by then my new blades should be delivered from John Deere. Did get one thing accomplished, I had a clearance light on the roof of the truck burned out so I replaced it, I also made a grocery store run and got some nice looking cube steaks for $4. a pair, I like  mine with some provel cheese melted on top.

Sadie & Rigg’s were feeling Patriotic today. Rigg’s seems to think he would make a good military dog in blacks ops. what do you think.




Sadie says she would just stay home and wait for Rigg’s to get home.

Only got to about 60 degrees today, which isn’t bad but just a little cooler than my favorite 80 and sunny.

Nicole just got home from school, I think she has girl scouts tonight. So she is hitting the homework early, I will say she gets a homework assignment every night, I like that in a school , they are at least trying to give each kid a good start on an education.

Oh well now I will have to think of what I want to make with the cube steaks, so many decisions, but I wanted Donna to have a nice supper tonight as she is at the restaurant starting tomorrow.

JUDY AT TRAVELS WITH EMMA had asked if I might be taking the fiver out for it’s first shake down and  operational readiness cruise this weekend, from the looks of the forecast I may wait, it still is looks like some wet weather and cooler temps in the forecast and nothing ruins a kids weekend faster than rain. so I will take a wait and see attitude.You can bet though before our Wisconsin trip we will make a couple of shorties with the Grandkid’s just for fun and to keep Grandpa busy. That’s what’s nice about being able to go to the Lake.Campground.

Also I was asked how my sister Wendy in PA is doing, she has finished her therapy and basically done although she says she still has a little pain, she is getting around fine, and the doctors have basically told her that this is about as good as it gets since some of the pain is from local arthritis and will have to be dealt with with Tylenol. or some such pain relief. She has told me that the handrails I installed have made life so just much easier for living in a two story house and now she can get up and down with no trouble.

Saw a 4000 watt generator at Lowes with wheels and a nice handle and also a 30amp socket for an RV cord, wish I knew if it was quiet or not since the price was around $600 I asked the sales guy if he knew how quiet it was or a DB rating and he didn’t, he said it should be any louder than a lawn mower, I told him you would want my 25 horse John Deere running next your bedroom window all night. So I will have to try to check it out on the web.

It appeared to be a lot better put together than the contractor grade generators nearby.

Well that’s about it for now. Be safe out there..

Sam & Donna..


  1. Riggs looks stunning in his scarf..He reminds me of our Black Lab..when you let him outside at night you couldn't see him...only in the winter...
    FYI...We will be here on June 17th...let us know what time you will be here..We can sit on our deck and watch the trains...but we may not be able to hear ourselves talk...:-(

  2. Too cute!! I see in the background that they have lots of toys. We don't have many in the rig - I am afraid because it's such a small rig (24 ft) I'd trip like crazy...
    By reading Dennis and Donna's comment looks like major fun heading your way!!


  3. Hey Sam... how many batteries ya got in your rig? Sure saves on the noise of genny running if you add more batteries to the bank instead. When we went from 2 to 4 batteries in our gasser coach, we could stay out twice as long without even having to run the genny at all.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard