Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Mumblings.

Today dawned a beautiful sunny day the temp topped out at 90 degrees I guess summer has arrived, Donna got some stuff done around the house this morning and then since the Rigg’s has been a good boy we decided we would take him to the Doggie Park.

Before the pictures Rigg’s wants to tell you about it.

Hi everybody this is Rigg’s, I want all my friend, like Jody, Coco& Sandy, Annie, Tucker, Sadie , Dusty, and all my blogger dog friends to know that I have the bestus, Mom & Dad, today they took me to my favorite place, the doggie park with the lake in it. Boy was I glad, as soon as I got out of the truck Dad took my leash off and I was good and went right in the gate and ran to the water and jumped in, it was great, I got to play and play with a lot of other dogs, Golden Retrievers, other Labs and a Great Dane, Just so you know I am still the fastest swimmer at the park. but I lost my orange toy from last year it sank and I couldn’t find it. Dad said he would get me another one and Mom had a spare toy with her. Here are some pictures Dad took……


                           In the water at last.


          Mom throwing my toy. Before it got lost.


              My new Golden Retriever friends.


      I’m a Retriever too, a Labrador Retriever.


Me & one of the Golden’s pretending to be rescue dogs and pulling each other in..


Mom to the rescue with a new toy after my old one sank.doggiepark05-30-11k

Mom look I got somebody’s Frisbee, can I have it , huh.

As you can see Rigg’s enjoyed his Memorial Day Holiday and Donna & I will celebrate with a steak on the grill in a little while.

Hope everyone had a great holiday, be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Love the pic of Riggs and his Golden friend sharing the toy.

  2. I sure wish Emma enjoyed the water. There is a nice pond here, but she won't go near it.

  3. hey that looked just like Tucker!..wet!!

  4. Looks like Riggs had a great day at the doggy park...Retrievers just love to retrieve!!
    Hope you had a good Memorial Day, and thank you for serving in defense of our great country, Sam...I sent you an email...See you soon.