Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Donna and I were up early for coffee, the forecast said chance of rain, but the sun came out and it’s been a nice sunny day, a little warm so the A/C was started and the house closed up, Donna & I and the three kids went and and cut a bunch of small growth away from the one corner of the rear of the house, Donna used her new electric chain saw, the kid’s would drag the small limbs to the burn pile, unless they were too heavy the Grandpa got John Deere out and the two boys Adam & Chris took turn dragging them with the tractor. All three of these kids worked hard, Donna & I were so proud of them no griping and they each did their share. They will get a nice allowance for the week to put away for whatever they are saving for, each of them has a stash of allowance money for something special they want. Adam spent a little of his last Friday at Wal Mart on a toy he has been wanting. You could tell it took some soul searching at the store when it came time to part with his cash.

Our company Len & Phyllis will be back from new Jersey & Maryland tomorrow I’ll bet Lucky will be glad to see them, you can tell he is lonesome and doesn’t like being alone.Donna played with him today and told him one more day.

I told Donna when I take Adam home to Warrenton later today she is going with me and just the two of us are going to stop someplace and have a nice dinner and maybe a drink to celebrate our Anniversary that occurred three days ago. We always celebrate things on the Sunday before or after an event as it is the only day of the week Donna is off work. Boy I’ll be glad when that is over.

My twin brother Bill after not talking to me for a year and a half, since the death of our younger brother, has started to talk again. Last week when we took Len & Phyllis to the Railroad club, he was there, and low and behold he wanted to bury the hatchet, I forgive as easily as the next guy and said sure, I then offered to sell him all my trains for a ridiculously low price of $300. He made a counter off of $400 so I made the deal. Does that sound like reverse Mexican horse trading. He said he would get me a check. I am thinking of using the money on a generator, and a new bicycle for Nicole, she is outgrowing hers and her Mom and my son are both still out of work, when we were at Wal Mart her eyes lit up when she saw this pretty girls bike, ( a pink one ) with a carry bag on it and a neat paint job, I asked her when her birthday was and she said August. I told her you never know what happens around birthday times at the Weeb Ranch. Does Grandpa see an early birthday present in Nicole’s future this year.

Well that’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Good to hear you and your brother buried the hatchet. I have two daughters (they are half sisters) and they have cut all contact. It's sad, life....but sad. Glad you connected again.

  2. If I were a grandchild, I'd sure like staying at the Weeb Ranch!!

    Hope you and Donna enjoy your night out at a good restaurant...

  3. Glad you and your brother are speaking again Al,,,,That is wonderful. Life is short and boy I've had so much death in the family the past few years, its unbelievable. Its too late to make up if someone dies. Then its live with regrets,,,,not good....
    I'm sure glad my only brother and I buried the hatchet....cause he up and had a heart attack. I was Rv'n in Texas when I recieved the call.....I never saw him again... That was 14 years ago and he was only 53. My only sibling.....God Bless him!

    Thats why I always say "tell them you love 'em, cause they may not be around forever"....I been there!
    Take care buddy!!

  4. Great to see all the kids helping out with the yard work. Good that you and your twin brother are on speaking terms again.

    Have a great Anniversary Dinner!!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Donna!!
    Hope you all were able to have to special meal together!

    What a blessing that you and your brother and reunited!

    Take care!

  6. Sure is nice to see kids work for their allowance. It teaches them lots about responsiblity. They sound like great kids and would have helped you out even without the allowance.

    Hope you had a great dinner for you anniversary.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. How are you two? Please tell us ya'll are okay!!!!Will be praying all morning.Let us know if you need anything.

    Hugs from Tx Cindy and Walker

  8. So nice that you and your brother could bury the hatchet. Nicole will be so happy with her new bike. You are a great Grand parent.

  9. I think kids should all chip in on the chores..ours sure did..Soooo glad to see you and Donna finally getting to celebrate your big day....There is always room for romance, no matter how many years have passed...
    I must have had a dream while reading your blog..I thought I read that you were selling some trains..Nah...I was just dreaming..right???