Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Up  early, then Rigg’s talked me into laying on the bed and watching a train movie with him, did I tell you he is a train dog.He likes the steam engines when they go by on the TV.

It turned out to be a great day no rain sunny and the temperature this afternoon got into the 70’s, a perfect afternoon to putter, I got a new US flag for the 5th wheel so I mounted it to the pole it goes on and then rolled it up and put it in the storage compartment, Then I decided to get rid of some scratched I had on the bed of my truck and one on the front fender that looked like it had been keyed.

I had gotten some Maguires Scratch remover for clear coat paint, it comes in a black plastic bottle and is $10 a bottle but I thought I would try it. You can’t use the Dupont polishing compound I used to use as it tears up the clear coat.

This stuff from Maquires is amazing of course I bought new polishing clothes but it really got rid of about 90 per cent of all the little scratches I had including the key scratch .The only one I couldn’t get I knew it wouldn’t do because you could see where the paint was gone to the primer. But the rest are gone and nice and shiny.

Nicole came home from school and said she had a great day, she is now helping her Mom make Enchilada's, she is the cheese spreader, that’s a pretty important job. Grandpa can’t wait to eat some of her handiwork.

Not much else got accomplished , tomorrow I plan to install the new blades that UPS delivered on John Deere and then maybe do some cutting , I’ll sharpen the ones I take off and make sure they aren’t bent and then that will give a sharp set to change out later in the summer again, the trouble is it doesn’t take much to bend one and then they are junk.

That’s about it for today, Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. We've never tried MaGuires Scratch remover....and boy, we need something..We have tons of "Arizona pinstriping" on the GMC from our trip to Charlie Bell pass ...
    Riggs probably spent his puppy naps being put to sleep by old train movies:-))

  2. That Riggs, he sure does have a convincing way about him.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the scratch cover. We got some scratches on Therapy on our trip south and need to try and fix them. We'll try the Maquires first.

  4. I wonder if that McQuires would be good in eliminating the scratches I have from constantly trying to scratch my Hitch Itch.....

  5. Thanks for the tip on the scratch remove. Paulette's Honda Odyssey just happens to have a few marks I can work on.

  6. I was gona buy a mower for my little 2 acres up in the Black Hills, but the neighbor boy agreed to do it for $20.00,,,,,He did such a good job I paid him $30.00 and didn't go pay $2000.00 for a mower....
    I had a john deere back before I sold the house.....nothing runs like a deere....even if it did have a kawasaki.....LOL! Play it safe Sam!