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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Notes.


Happy Mother’s



I would like to take this first minute and wish all the Mom’s out there, A truly great and Blessed Mother’s Day. No recognition could ever describe the duties of raising a child and being a Mother. I remember when I was a young man and home from service , about 23 years old I went to visit my Dad and he took me to the VFW for a beer. One of his buddies said to him, “you raised a fine young man there”. My Dad said “you can thank Ange, my wife for that, she had them pretty well whipped into shape by the time I got home from work.”Mom’s were the true motivators of most families.

I want to introduce both Mine and Donna’s Moms, Both passed away within two weeks of each other in 1990.

Although they lived 900 miles apart they both made several visits and were like best friends. people would say they could pass for sisters. What do you think.

Angelica&LaVerne 1981a

Angelica Weibel (left) Sam’s Mom, LaVerne Dutson(right) Donna’s Mom. On a visit to MO.


Ange, Andy, Margaret(Sam's Grandmother) & LaVerne on a visit to PA.


Andy, Ange, Sam, Donna & LaVerne .

For all of you who are fortunate to still have their Mom’s alive & well, Cherish every moment.

Donna & I were fortunate that the mom’s in our lives were just great & loving people, she used to say after we were married that her Mom liked me more than she did her own daughter, I guess cause she gave me neat birthday presents and never said no If I invited her to have a beer with me, no matter where we were or what time it was, Mom was up for a cold one.My Mom on the other hand hand to give up beer as a young girl when she had a stroke, and started with severe diabetes. She would always watch me pour one and say gosh I  miss those.

I went out and started mowing again rather than waste a nice sunny 80 degree day. I’ll be darned if Donna didn’t grab her Mother’s day present( the electric chain saw) and went out and trimmed some branches while I was cutting. She said it works really fine and is not heavy at all.

That’s about it for now, be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I hope you fixed Donna breakfast in bed even if she isn't "your" mother. :)

  2. A wonderful tribute Sam, I enjoyed it very much! Yes, we are lucky to have such loving Mom’s touch our lives. I hope the rest of the day is peaceful in your neck of the woods.


  3. Your Mom had to give up beer?! Must have been a sad, sad day when she found out about that!

    Hey, I just noticed that you guys have never been to eastern Canada...we're waiting here for you if you want to explore with us this summer! But bring beer...it's awfully expensive here!


  4. Good post, Sam. I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  5. Good post, Sam. I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  6. You are quite the catch there Sam. Giving Donna a chain saw. A few years back Len gave me a riding mower for our anniversary. Gotta say, Donna and I sure did grab us some fine fellas.

    I'd say those Moms sure did look alike. Must have confused lots of people.

    I am one of the lucky ones of our generation. Mom is still alive. For Leonard, however, this is his first monthers day since his Mom died last Sept.

  7. BEAUTIFUL post!! I wish I could say I had an inch of what you had - but the beauty of your Mums where in my Daddy!! Wishing all ladies who stepped in to help raise me and all the wonderful ladies of the world a Happy Mother's Day!! I so loved your post today...

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  8. A great tribute to your moms...and I loved the photos....We who had wonderful moms were so very lucky...And, by the way, giving birth does not a mother make..A mother is made in the heart..(to all the adoptive moms out there...)

  9. Very nice tribute to your Mom's! Happy Mother's Day to Donna.

  10. A beautiful tribute to your Moms. A chain saw as a Mother's Day present...Really???